Life of a Dancer

28 Sep
The life of a dancer could be quite an adventure. Sometimes your up, even higher than you thought possible, sometimes you’re down, and have absolutely no idea how you got there, if you could get up, and when you’re going to be able to get up. Sometimes you’re in the middle, with a feeling of not knowing what to do just waiting and or trying to figure it out.

It would help if we all admitted that we feel this way every now and then, bridge the cap of lost communication. It doesn’t have to be confusing, if we continue to do the same thing then we get the same results, let’s make a change, it’s not easy to change, but start, beautiful things happen when we move together…like a dance routine, when all the dancers do the same move it’s a beautiful picture….the same thing goes for life, when we move together and help each other not only is it a beautiful picture, great things happen.

If there is one thing, you wish you had information on that would have helped your dance career, and or would have helped you personally what would that information be? Even if you’re not a dancer, what do you wish you knew then that would have helped you now?

I’m kindly asking you guys to share your thoughts, you don’t have to get personal, but really share your thoughts….

I’ll go first to open to up the discussion:

I wish I knew that it’s ok not to be like everyone else. This may sound like a no brainer coming from me, however when I first started dancing, I felt that there was only one way to do everything, one way of looking, and if you didn’t do things that one way, then you were not a good dancer and or you were not someone to pay attention to.
This wasn’t said in loud words but actions speak out louder than words, this soon proved to drive me crazy creatively, professionally and personally, soon I realized regardless of how much I love to dance, I have to be myself even if it means going left when majority goes right, and or just saying no….that’s not what I’m about and or want to do.

Dancing is bigger than you and me…Dancing is not for me to say, yes this is how its done, and or this is what Hip-Hop is and what Hip-Hop is not…I’m a small picture or a small movement compared to the bigger picture of dance.
So I learned to accept the fact that not dancing to another persons beat is OK…I wish I knew this when I first started, but really it’s the journey that’s important, and so far I like the journey, its not always fruit loops but its good…
(I’m not saying to take a dance class and dance to another beat than the one the choreographer and or instructor is teaching you, I’m saying everyone’s path is different, be authentic and follow yours…)

So what did you wish you knew then that you know now?


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