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Vibing in the dance studio

28 Oct

After teaching today’s Sweat B4 U Sweat “Caribbean Dance Workout” I went to the studio to dance. I went by myself.

I did this because I feel that I’m at a place where I just need to dance without any added pressure of performing and or creating I just need to vibe.

And that’s what I did, it felt amazing, it’s therapy it really is.

Just me, myself and I in the dance studio, of course my creative bug hit me and I started to put together choreography, but its different putting choreography together for yourself and no deadlines, than putting together choreography for a show with a deadline.

So there I was just grooving away…

I was able to let my body move, and watch myself, I was able to feel each movement and understand how I needed it to be, I was able to let go, it was great, and I plan on going back to the studio this week to do the same thing.

I must say, my muscles are sore. After an intense workout this morning, teaching Sweat B4 U Sweat then going to the studio and dancing as if my life depended on it, I’m aching from head to toe…I’m not looking forward to how I will feel in the morning.  But I am looking forward to dancing some more..:)


CN Tower climb recap

26 Oct

Here is a quick recap of my first ever CN Tower climb..which I have to admit is a little addictive, I think I may do it again, who knows..lets see.

cn tower

Why did I climb?

This started off as a goal for me.

I love to dance, workout, jog and walk, but I do not and I’m going to say it again, I do not like climbing stairs, something about it..I find it tedious, tiring, not fun…I’m just not a fan, I would rather take the escalator or elevator. I mean I will take the stairs but it’s not my preference.

 Plus I don’t like being in tight closed off some reason I thought the staircase at the CN Tower was going to be in this dark and small tunnel looking have quite the imagination. It was nothing like I imagined it to be..the staircase was spacious, and it had light.

So overall I wanted to conquer my fear and do something that I did not like to do. I thought the CN Tower would be a great way to do this..I had no idea the Stair Climb was coming up..So my personal trainer Helen gave me the information at my 1st training session she gave this to me two weeks before the climb. So there you go, that’s how it all started

Bright n Early

I could scream. I’m not a morning person…NO NO NO::(

I mean I will get up and do what I need to do, but if it was my choice I wouldn’t get up so early, but it was a team decision that we will have an early start.

So of course that’s why I had my hat pulled down low over my face, my eyes were still closed, and I was half sleeping.

All in all I’m glad we started that early, plus everyone had a great attitude so complaining about how early it was went out the door.

 Helen and I (Lol, you see my eyes are covered, but I got a big smile on my face)


Other early birds..


I seen these guys..I have no idea if they climbed the stairs dressed like that, or if they came to protect us once we got to the times.


Don’t know who this guy is, but I liked his pirate costume, plus he was in good spirits. (My eyes are still covered)



Helen on her way to the Climb


The Climb

Wow…wow…wow is all I have to say.

Rules: We can’t bring ipods, mp3 players or water with

Let me tell you, I started off the climb in high spirits..I was like yes here we the time I got to the 40th floor I thought darn it I’m going to pass wasn’t going to pass out..I was being dramatic..but really after finding out that in total there’s 143 flights of stairs and I was at 40 I felt defeated..but I had to come back and push myself…that’s what everyone was good to see people you didn’t know encouraging each other to keep going.

The end

Yes I made it. I finished the climb in 26 minutes and 36 seconds..I was ready to fall over and sleep.

Lol…lol..after I got my ticket with my time I was sooooo happy, I was like yes, this is finish, lol only to realize there were more stairs to climb..I could…

Everyone had to walk up 3 to 4 more mini flight of stairs to get to the waiting area..

I have to say, it was a great challenge, it was fun, and I’m glad I did it..I went from not liking stairs to climbing the tallest tower in the world. I’m still not a fan of stairs, but I will climb the CN tower again, I want to beat my current time, plus it’s a great challenge, for a great cause, and it’s a little addictive.

I had these fashionable hoop earrings of the volunteers noticed, she said “You did it, you made it to the top, plus you did it with your earrings on” I love style..whatever you do, do it in style all the way, full-out.:)

After the at us..we did it..:) I look like I’m going to fall over and Helens gonna have to catch


The team, Congrats ladies


So tired..just relaxing on the glass ceiling..


My time, I have to beat that the next time I climb..


Thats it for now, make sure you join Helen Marie Fitness Fan page on Facebook, she will be posting additional pictures up of the climb. Now let’s get back to dancing.

An Eventful Weekend a head

22 Oct

I’m excited about this coming weekend, there is a lot happening.

On Friday I’ll be performing at the Paramount event Venue for Big Art for Little Minds this is an amazing fundraiser featuring some of Canada’s most talented artists. From dancers to musicians, and painters the list goes on. I’ve choreographed something entertaining yet powerful to close the dance portion of the show. With me are the lovely dancers, Kwasi McKnight, Amy Taylor, Malika and Melonie Hamilton.

As many of you know, I’m participating in my first ever CN Tower climb…:)

Definitely exciting, well to me….at least.  I asked a few people to join me and they all gave me that are you crazy…lol….lol which is perfectly understandable, I mean The CN Tower has 1, 776 stairs and is one of the tallest towers in the world.

But on the flip side to that, it’s great to challenge ourselves, and do these things that you could look back on and say I did that.

I’ve been training, climbing stairs to get myself ready. I climbed over 1, 900 stairs in 30 minutes. I mean that’s nothing compared to the records that belong to regular stair climbers.

I’ve joined the Helen Marie Fitness team. And together we will climb the CN Tower. It’s not too late to join, registration is closed but you still have the opportunity to register on the day of.

On Sunday I’ll be dancing along side one of my favorite dancers Ms Toya Robinson. This routine is choreographed by Minerva another fantastic dancer and choreographer.

We are performing at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, another fundraiser; this one is for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada.

So yes its going to be an eventful weekend, I can’t wait. Like always I’ll keep you updated with pictures and videos.

Whats in my soup?

15 Oct

A little bit corporate

A little bit hood (Just a little, please don’t get shook)

Quite Urban

100 percent real

A little bit shy

A little bit misunderstood

Very out of the box

A little bit of a wild child (Really not giving a **** (I didn’t the say word, because like I said I’m a little bit corporate)

100 percent classy yet sassy

100 percent intelligent

A little complex, (not trying to be figured out)

100 percent Humble

100 percent focused

100 percent driven

100 percent inspired by life

Ingredients to my soup are added daily, so the flavor gets better… Thats what’s in my soup, what’s in yours? Get your soup together, start cooking.

my soup in the making

United Way CN Tower Climb

9 Oct

On October 24th, 2009 I’ll be participating in the United Way CN Tower climb…


This will be quite the challenge, a good challenge though. I’m excited about it. So if you want to join in on the excitement and challenge definitely register. Registration closes on October 14th 5pm.

It’s for a great cause, plus we all get the opportunity to meet new people and share the experience of climbing the stairs of one of the world’s most famous and tallest towers…That’s definitely something to share with generations of family and friends.

I know I will have my camera and water bottle with me. And of course I will keep you all posted, with pictures and video of the event.

Just look around

4 Oct

I believe when we look around us, and take in our surroundings, that there is so much to learn and be inspired by. Life has so many beautiful places, people and gifts to offer that there really shouldn’t be a day when we are like umm I don’t know what to do…or I’m bored

I find when my mind is clogged, and I’m finding it hard to create, I look around, I take in my surroundings, the buildings, the textures, the way we move freely, the way we interact with each other and that alone is inspiring.

When I find myself bored, I will ask myself  “have I seen it all?” and I haven’t seen it all, so I need to get out there and explore…

And when I can’t get out there, well we have the great internet and search engines that connect us.

I found some amazing pictures, they are breath taking, and all I have to say is, you really could find magic; beauty and inspiration in just about anything….take a look for yourself.

I like these images for many reasons, but the main one is, when I look at them I feel something, and when an image or art work is able to bring emotions out of someone that’s a good thing. It could be music, dance, or visual arts.

But just take a look at these pictures.







 Dance Side Tip: Don’t get stuck, look around you for inspiration, dare to create not duplicate.