Just look around

4 Oct

I believe when we look around us, and take in our surroundings, that there is so much to learn and be inspired by. Life has so many beautiful places, people and gifts to offer that there really shouldn’t be a day when we are like umm I don’t know what to do…or I’m bored

I find when my mind is clogged, and I’m finding it hard to create, I look around, I take in my surroundings, the buildings, the textures, the way we move freely, the way we interact with each other and that alone is inspiring.

When I find myself bored, I will ask myself  “have I seen it all?” and I haven’t seen it all, so I need to get out there and explore…

And when I can’t get out there, well we have the great internet and search engines that connect us.

I found some amazing pictures, they are breath taking, and all I have to say is, you really could find magic; beauty and inspiration in just about anything….take a look for yourself.

I like these images for many reasons, but the main one is, when I look at them I feel something, and when an image or art work is able to bring emotions out of someone that’s a good thing. It could be music, dance, or visual arts.

But just take a look at these pictures.







 Dance Side Tip: Don’t get stuck, look around you for inspiration, dare to create not duplicate.


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