An Eventful Weekend a head

22 Oct

I’m excited about this coming weekend, there is a lot happening.

On Friday I’ll be performing at the Paramount event Venue for Big Art for Little Minds this is an amazing fundraiser featuring some of Canada’s most talented artists. From dancers to musicians, and painters the list goes on. I’ve choreographed something entertaining yet powerful to close the dance portion of the show. With me are the lovely dancers, Kwasi McKnight, Amy Taylor, Malika and Melonie Hamilton.

As many of you know, I’m participating in my first ever CN Tower climb…:)

Definitely exciting, well to me….at least.  I asked a few people to join me and they all gave me that are you crazy…lol….lol which is perfectly understandable, I mean The CN Tower has 1, 776 stairs and is one of the tallest towers in the world.

But on the flip side to that, it’s great to challenge ourselves, and do these things that you could look back on and say I did that.

I’ve been training, climbing stairs to get myself ready. I climbed over 1, 900 stairs in 30 minutes. I mean that’s nothing compared to the records that belong to regular stair climbers.

I’ve joined the Helen Marie Fitness team. And together we will climb the CN Tower. It’s not too late to join, registration is closed but you still have the opportunity to register on the day of.

On Sunday I’ll be dancing along side one of my favorite dancers Ms Toya Robinson. This routine is choreographed by Minerva another fantastic dancer and choreographer.

We are performing at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, another fundraiser; this one is for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada.

So yes its going to be an eventful weekend, I can’t wait. Like always I’ll keep you updated with pictures and videos.


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