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Join in on the New Year Dance Frenzy**New Dance Classes

30 Nov

I’m really excited…

Theres alot planned for the New year. And I want to give you all the heads up.

I will be offering dance classes for the recreational and adult dancer, who loves to dance, want to learn new and cool dance moves in a professional and friendly atmosphere. Your getting the same quality lessons and choreography as dance classes for dancers who want to pursue dance as a career. The difference is that these classes are designed with your dance needs in mind.  The classes are fun, sexy and energetic, leave feeling energized and motivated.

I will also be offering dance classes for dancers and dance fanatics, these classes are designed with the needs of dancers in mind. What you’re looking for professionally and training wise, from performance techniques, challenging and innovative choreography, plus so much more.

I’ll be sending information out regarding these classes in my December newsletter, plus I’ll be offering discounts on a variety of classes. Keep yourself informed, and join in on the dance frenzy thats going to happen in the New Year..Don’t miss out.

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Take care for now.

Dance, Live and Inspire


Start with yourself

23 Nov
Are you ready to take on another week?
I know I am.
I know sometimes we get so caught up and frustrated with the daily and weekly tasks we need and have to take on that just the thought of starting a full week, makes you cringe.
Here is a tip that I use on a regular basis
**We have control over our attitudes, how we respond and deal with situations. Start by making the choice to correct and improve your attitude towards life. Its easy to sulk and complain about whats ahead, however it takes determination, a high level of self awareness and focus to catch when we start to go down the self pity road.
When we catch our attitudes we are then able to adjust it.
Its not easy, but its worth it, your happiness, well being and state of mind is worth not letting daily and weekly situations affect you, to the point that your not looking forward to an amazing journey that is life.
***Happiness is a choice, not a destination***
So start from within, take a deep breath, make the decision that you will start each week with a new and positive outlook.
Have a great week, start with yourself.
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Finally seen Michael Jacksons”This is it”

13 Nov

Tuesday November 10th, 2009 I finally made it to the theatre to watch Michael Jackson “This is it”

I have to say I’m lost for words…I still find it hard to write about this situation…its hard to know that he’s gone..

 However what I will say and have to say is we are so blessed to have had MJ. He was a gift and will always be a gift.

Watching him on the big screen gave me chills. He’s so in tuned with his art, he loves it so much that he becomes it without thinking about it.

He pays attention to each detail to make sure its right…and he commits to what he’s doing…

It was inspiring to watch…I left feeling good, and also feeling sad…How could one person be so gifted, he had an energy that radiated when he was on stage..

I love it…MJ gives me performance orgasm…lol

What is performance orgasm?

Well let me explain…Performance orgasm is when someone performs so well that you feel it, you feel it in your bones, you feel it in your blood, like a drug and it affects you like a drug…that’s what happens when I watch Michael Jackson perform…I feel it and I get a rush. I’m deeply touched, because he’s real…he doesn’t try to be anyone but himself. His emotions come from deep within…he his the truth…He gives himself to his art and it shows..OMG..he his amazing to watch.

Love MJ

An Artist

5 Nov

What does it mean to be an artist?

Ummm this question I think should be answered by the artist. I’m pretty sure many artist  share the same answers, but because artists are so unique you never know what you’re going to get.

To me an artist is there own and see there work as an expression of who they are not as a whole but as revealing part of themselves to the world. Creating is valued and respected..the process of creation is cherished and needed. An artist is inspired by happiness and sadness.

An artist values self-expression, and without it feels trapped. They need to express themselves through different forms of art. From clothing, music, writing, dance, the list goes on.

Each artist has a unique way of saying let me do me. “Sometimes in these very bold words..Fu*k off and let me do me”

I find it funny when people think of artist as earthy and sometimes too far gone for the average person to communicate with.

Or when someone spends their time trying to proof to others that they are an artist. I also find it interesting that in a world of over a billion people, that an artists sometimes feel they don’t fit in or they are finding where to fit in.

Do I consider myself as an artist? “Yes..”

Do I fit in? “I don’t know…I don’t try to fit in, I do what I do, and what I do takes me places…if I fit in great, if I don’t that’s unfortunate, but also great”

How do I express myself? “Through dance, writing, clothing, art, and story telling”

How do I see the world? “I don’t know how I see the world…I’m still figuring it out. What I could say, is this Lets spend time being true to ourselves, do what we love to do, respect each other, care for each other, and care for the world we live in”

 Could I be judged by the work I put out? “No, the work I put out is a small reflection of myself, my surroundings and experiences, judge me as a form of expression, Judge my work ethic and creativity. But not me as a person…If you want to judge me as person, base it off of how I treat others, and how I contribute to the better being of the world..”

Featured in New Video

2 Nov

I was featured in Farahri’s new video ft Choclair “Dance the night away

I also choreographed the video. You can’t see the dance scenes as much as I would like, but you could see just enough. I’m the young lady dancing with Choclair:)

Here it is. I know I’m a little late posting this, sorry.

November Article **Start planning for the New Year**

2 Nov

With the end of 2009 only two months away, ask yourself are you ready for the New Year?

 Are you ready to make 2010 a year to remember or are you entering 2010 without a plan?

Don’t wait until 2010 to get your action plan and goals together, start now, that way you could enjoy January 1st 2010 knowing that you have already taken the time to evaluate 2009 and you’re ready to take on 2010 with a clear mind.

Here are a few tips to give you a head start to a successful 2010


Do you have a vision for yourself and how you want 2010 to be? If not, then the perfect time to let your creative mind run wild is now.

Start to visualize how you want the year to be, how do you want it to look and feel? Get pictures that bring your vision to life and put them on a board. “The Vision Board” I have one.

Even if you don’t have the specifics, still imagine a great year. Get excited about it. Get so excited about the year and all the great things happening to the point that you could feel it.


What are your goals? write them down, think big and don’t limit yourself. Don’t wait until 2010 to start thinking of your goals. Do it now and picture yourself accomplishing each goal.

Write your goals down and put them on your vision board. Don’t forget these are your goals, your dreams, the only limitation is yourself so go for it, think big. Once you have your goals down get into the action phase.


“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” I’m pretty sure you heard this short yet effective statement before. I know I have, I have heard it and I have read it time and time again.

 Ask yourself how am I going to make sure I accomplish my goals this year, what’s my plan? What steps do I need to take so that I’m able to move closer to my dream everyday?

Plan your days, weeks and months, this will help you out greatly, you will notice a difference. Planning is not always easy, but it’s ok, don’t give up. Once you have a plan put the plan into action, if it doesn’t work don’t get discouraged, keep on trying. Those who succeed, failed many times before they got it right.


Take the time to sit down and be real with yourself. Ask yourself was 2009 a good year for me why and why not?

 Did you do what you said you were going to do?

Don’t beat yourself up about not accomplishing everything you wanted to do, however you should definitely take responsibility for your life. If you did accomplish what you said you were going to do, then congratulate yourself. Praise yourself for following through with every task big or small.

Evaluate all aspects of your life, and do this truthfully, don’t lie to yourself because the only person you’re hurting is yourself. This may be hard to do especially when you have to look at yourself and face some dark facts.

However think of it this way, your taking the time to evaluate your life and that’s a powerful self growth tool, by doing this you’re taking responsibility, so that you’re able to make effective changes that will help you, you will also know what to do differently for 2010.

***Take care of yourself***

“Put yourself first and love yourself”


 Incorporate regular physical activity in your day to day life.

 Ask yourself what will I do to incorporate fitness into my life? Everyone is different so were not all going to enjoy the same exercises.

Start to investigate what you like and what type of workout you could commit to. Don’t forget you could always switch up your workout. Jogging, dancing, swimming, walking, and a gym membership are just a few ideas.

When you find a workout that you like, you’re much more amped to stick to it, so start doing your research now. Not only will you look and feel better from regular physical activity, you will have more energy, and you will have an healthier life.

Make 2010 a healthy one, get your fitness plan into action now.


Making sure you eat food that gives you what you need to function throughout the day is always a challenge for most of us.

We get busy, we go for the quick fixes and before we know it our body is crying out for attention. It’s lacking the right nutrients to function at the level we want it to.

Be the leader and take a stand for your health, no you don’t have to cut out your favorite foods, however start asking yourself what will I do to make sure I provide my body with the proper nutrition. Start educating yourself. Find different ways to make sure your eating well.

Put your health first. Start now.

Me time

 Happiness, laughter, relaxation should also be on your priority list. You’re no good if you’re constantly tired. Make time for yourself. Ask yourself what will I do to make sure I have time for myself, friends and family?

 What activities do I enjoy doing and what am I going to do to make sure I do these activities in the New Year?

Take the time now to go over what worked and didn’t work for you in 2009. You want to have a great year, so start planning for 2010, have a clear vision and idea of what’s to come your way.

Go into the New Year equipped with clarity, strength and positivity, your path will be much better.

Dance, and live like no ones watching..

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Thanks for reading.

Big Art for little minds

2 Nov

I was asked to choreograph an amazing closing act to “Kanye West love lock down” Remix for the 2nd Annual Big Art for little Minds Fundraiser.

This was my 2nd year being part of the show, and its truly amazing.

I choose a similar theme to the one that he used for the original Love lock down video.

The theme was African was absolutely amazing, the costumes and the fact that each dancer had nail polish and paint that glowed in the dark.

Over 500 people attended the show, so I was pleased that they would all see the magic of 5 amazing dancers doing what they love to do and glowing in the dark.

I just love putting together themed related performances..because you could really get in-depth with each detail and pay attention to the story, costumes and music.

Thanks to all the dancers.

Malika, Amy Taylor, Kwasi McKnight, Melonie Hamilton and myself.




Thanks to Nicole Eliopoulous for putting together such an amazing and breath-taking show at the Paramount Event Venue.

Heres a picture from last years big art performance. Dancers: Myrosia Palmer, Lindsay Tompkins and Justin David. Last years theme was very 70’s as you can tell with the dresses..:)

last years big art