Big Art for little minds

2 Nov

I was asked to choreograph an amazing closing act to “Kanye West love lock down” Remix for the 2nd Annual Big Art for little Minds Fundraiser.

This was my 2nd year being part of the show, and its truly amazing.

I choose a similar theme to the one that he used for the original Love lock down video.

The theme was African was absolutely amazing, the costumes and the fact that each dancer had nail polish and paint that glowed in the dark.

Over 500 people attended the show, so I was pleased that they would all see the magic of 5 amazing dancers doing what they love to do and glowing in the dark.

I just love putting together themed related performances..because you could really get in-depth with each detail and pay attention to the story, costumes and music.

Thanks to all the dancers.

Malika, Amy Taylor, Kwasi McKnight, Melonie Hamilton and myself.




Thanks to Nicole Eliopoulous for putting together such an amazing and breath-taking show at the Paramount Event Venue.

Heres a picture from last years big art performance. Dancers: Myrosia Palmer, Lindsay Tompkins and Justin David. Last years theme was very 70’s as you can tell with the dresses..:)

last years big art


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