An Artist

5 Nov

What does it mean to be an artist?

Ummm this question I think should be answered by the artist. I’m pretty sure many artist  share the same answers, but because artists are so unique you never know what you’re going to get.

To me an artist is there own and see there work as an expression of who they are not as a whole but as revealing part of themselves to the world. Creating is valued and respected..the process of creation is cherished and needed. An artist is inspired by happiness and sadness.

An artist values self-expression, and without it feels trapped. They need to express themselves through different forms of art. From clothing, music, writing, dance, the list goes on.

Each artist has a unique way of saying let me do me. “Sometimes in these very bold words..Fu*k off and let me do me”

I find it funny when people think of artist as earthy and sometimes too far gone for the average person to communicate with.

Or when someone spends their time trying to proof to others that they are an artist. I also find it interesting that in a world of over a billion people, that an artists sometimes feel they don’t fit in or they are finding where to fit in.

Do I consider myself as an artist? “Yes..”

Do I fit in? “I don’t know…I don’t try to fit in, I do what I do, and what I do takes me places…if I fit in great, if I don’t that’s unfortunate, but also great”

How do I express myself? “Through dance, writing, clothing, art, and story telling”

How do I see the world? “I don’t know how I see the world…I’m still figuring it out. What I could say, is this Lets spend time being true to ourselves, do what we love to do, respect each other, care for each other, and care for the world we live in”

 Could I be judged by the work I put out? “No, the work I put out is a small reflection of myself, my surroundings and experiences, judge me as a form of expression, Judge my work ethic and creativity. But not me as a person…If you want to judge me as person, base it off of how I treat others, and how I contribute to the better being of the world..”


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