Finally seen Michael Jacksons”This is it”

13 Nov

Tuesday November 10th, 2009 I finally made it to the theatre to watch Michael Jackson “This is it”

I have to say I’m lost for words…I still find it hard to write about this situation…its hard to know that he’s gone..

 However what I will say and have to say is we are so blessed to have had MJ. He was a gift and will always be a gift.

Watching him on the big screen gave me chills. He’s so in tuned with his art, he loves it so much that he becomes it without thinking about it.

He pays attention to each detail to make sure its right…and he commits to what he’s doing…

It was inspiring to watch…I left feeling good, and also feeling sad…How could one person be so gifted, he had an energy that radiated when he was on stage..

I love it…MJ gives me performance orgasm…lol

What is performance orgasm?

Well let me explain…Performance orgasm is when someone performs so well that you feel it, you feel it in your bones, you feel it in your blood, like a drug and it affects you like a drug…that’s what happens when I watch Michael Jackson perform…I feel it and I get a rush. I’m deeply touched, because he’s real…he doesn’t try to be anyone but himself. His emotions come from deep within…he his the truth…He gives himself to his art and it shows..OMG..he his amazing to watch.

Love MJ


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