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Creating your space for 2010

29 Dec

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and if you don’t and or did not celebrate I hope your day was filled with joy.

So now that 2009 is winding down faster than ever, 2010 is just around the corner and really it’s just around the corner.

This week I’ve decided to prepare and organize as much as possible that way I enter 2010 with a clear space and mind.

I plan on making 2010 a busy yet relaxing year for myself and in order to do that I know my space must be organized.

Also knowing that I’m teaching, dancing, or at rehearsal quite often its even more important that I’m organized and able to relax knowing that I don’t have clutter around me and in my thoughts.

So what are you doing this week?

Are you relaxing, spending time with family, have you made any preparations to get ready for 2010?

Don’t forget if you fail to plan, chances are you plan to fail.

Look around your space, are you ok with it, is it helping you, or is it adding to your stress level.

Make the choice to create a space that is in alignment with your vision and helps you relax and feel at peace.

Get to work, start organizing and creating a space that is truly your own…even if it’s a little spot by the window, make that spot your own.

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Have a Fantastic Holiday

25 Dec
Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas

 Which ever way you decide to celebrate or not celebrate this time, may your day, and thoughts be good 🙂


Thank you all for the continuous love and support.
Enjoy all the festivities, happiness, peace and love that the universe has to offer.
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Happiness is a choice

23 Dec
I’m pretty sure we all at some point in our lives had to deal with someone who was difficult, which makes live just a little bit more challenging especially when you work or live with that person.
And many times this relationship starts to drain you and make you unhappy…, but the one thing that remains true and is often forgotten is
“Happiness is a choice, and
it’s not dependent on anyone else.”

People will be what they will be. Some will be pleasant, and some won’t.
When we allow others to dictate our happiness, we have given them the right to control us, the right to determine our overall well-being, which takes away our own self power and responsibility.
I got this excerpt in an email from Wes Hopper
” If we insist on believing that they “should” be different, we’re arguing with what is, with reality, and how well is that gonna work?

People can change, but they rarely do it because we think they should. They do it when it’s the right time for them in their own spiritual development.

So all in all, know that happiness is your choice, and let that guide your thoughts and actions.

Don’t let anyone take that right away from you.
Find happiness in yourself and in others, even when its hard to look pass the ugly things some one does. The point is to always know that you have a choice.
It could be a family member, a co-worker, a choreographer, a dancer, know that you have a choice…..YOU HAVE A CHOICE….
I’ll follow-up this blog with another entry on dismissing all those who are not part of your **DREAM TEAM**
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Morning thoughts on my Crackberry

18 Dec

I had made a conscious decision that before I check my emails and get on any social media sites that I would eat breakfast and pray or simply get in touch with a divine connection before I start my day.

That works for me, it may not work for you.

But it’s not always easy simply because life doesn’t always go as planned.

But I made this decision because I started to notice that the relationship I had with this device was getting out of hand.  The term crackberry was starting to apply to me.

I realized that one of the first things I was doing, was checking my emails before I rolled out of bed, because my crackberry had a permanent place beside me, it also acts as my alarm clock as to why it’s there.

But what I realized a few days ago made me stop and think. I caught myself walking and texting.

I also caught myself checking my phone while someone was talking to me..

Oh my gosh. I had to check myself…

For me that’s not cool, I don’t need to be attached to my phone, to the point that I’m walking and not paying attention to my surroundings and to the point where I’m not giving someone my full attention.

So with all this I’ve decided to make some changes and implement them so that my crackberry is not attached to me and a part of me. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that it’s made accessing the internet a lot more easy, but like everything else in life we must be conscious.

I’m going to get an alarm clock so I could use it when I need to, my crackberry is no longer lying beside me, it will be on the dresser. More importantly I will not play with my phone when someone is talking to me. When I’m speaking to someone I would like their full attention, so I must give what I want to receive.

I’m sad to say this, but it’s a bad habit, it wasn’t always this way but over time, I’ve managed to develop a really bad habit that I must change because for me it’s not OK.

Some people may say “but what if it’s important…”

My answer to that is really…Is it really that important to walk and text, drive and text, and or keep our eyes down into our phones when in a conversation..

That’s a question that only you could answer for yourself.

 Have a great day.

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**New Classes**

18 Dec

I have some good news to share with you…

The 2010 dance schedule is up..I’m so excited about it…I’ve added two new and amazing classes to the schedule..

No one is left out of the Dance Frenzy.. There is a class for everyone Open level classes and Intermediate classes. Dancehall Reggae, Dance Fusion and Hip-Hop / Street Jazz.

To view the schedule CLICK HERE

Hope to see you all in class.

Spread the word amongst your family and friends, there going to love you even more for doing it.

Bye for now..

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Do you have excuses up your sleeves

14 Dec
Hello Everyone:
Hope your well and ready for another great week.
I have a question more than a quote or inspiration. This question is to get us thinking and reflecting.
The question is “Do you give yourself excuses not to do things?”
Remember you’re the only person that could answer this clearly and truthfully.
Excuses sometimes makes us feel good, because we convince ourselves that it’s the truth, when really its a response to either a lie, get out of doing something, not do something because of fear and the list goes on.
This question is not meant to make you feel bad, its meant to empower you….If your truthful to yourself then that’s great keep up the good work, if you’re the type that has an excuse for all of life’s experiences, then ask yourself why, ask yourself whats behind the excuse..just asking yourself honest questions, and simply allowing yourself to answer back opens up a world of self growth and realization which helps you move forward.
Whatever the reasons are for an excuse, only you could determine if its worth it.
Let this be a another great week for you, open to exploring your thoughts…its sometimes scary, but its amazing once you unlock the thoughts that hold you back from experiencing the many joys of life.
Have a great week.
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Did you bury your talent *Weekly Quote*

7 Dec
I came across this funny yet informative and inspiring quote. It made me laugh, just because it was so straight forward and it had a little pun to it.
So I’m sharing it with you.
He who buries his talent is making a grave mistake.
– Unknown
It’s very precise, yet it says it all.
Take this quote with you to start off your week, and let it guide you. If your already making great use of your talent, thats wonderful, keep it up, if not, start taking the steps today to do what you love to do.
The world needs more happy people, and we are happy when we are doing what we love.
Have a great week.
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December Thoughts

2 Dec

Hold on to your dreams and let it guide you everyday

As the year comes to an end, now is the perfect time to reflect on the year you had and the year you want to have.

Hold your dreams and goals closer than ever and ask yourself what could I do today that will bring me closer to what I love and cherish.

Our dreams are not given to us for us to say no its too hard, no I can’t do it, or no I’m not good enough. Our dreams are given to us because we can acheive them, and our goal is to figure out how to do it. Its not always going to be easy, but let that thought guide you. Figure out daily what you need to do, to get closer to your dream and do it, life will help you, in each experience there is a lesson and a gift that if you pay attention brings you closer.

Don’t shy away from your dreams dive into it and let it be the driving force of your being.