Do you have excuses up your sleeves

14 Dec
Hello Everyone:
Hope your well and ready for another great week.
I have a question more than a quote or inspiration. This question is to get us thinking and reflecting.
The question is “Do you give yourself excuses not to do things?”
Remember you’re the only person that could answer this clearly and truthfully.
Excuses sometimes makes us feel good, because we convince ourselves that it’s the truth, when really its a response to either a lie, get out of doing something, not do something because of fear and the list goes on.
This question is not meant to make you feel bad, its meant to empower you….If your truthful to yourself then that’s great keep up the good work, if you’re the type that has an excuse for all of life’s experiences, then ask yourself why, ask yourself whats behind the excuse..just asking yourself honest questions, and simply allowing yourself to answer back opens up a world of self growth and realization which helps you move forward.
Whatever the reasons are for an excuse, only you could determine if its worth it.
Let this be a another great week for you, open to exploring your thoughts…its sometimes scary, but its amazing once you unlock the thoughts that hold you back from experiencing the many joys of life.
Have a great week.
Dance * Live * Inspire

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