Happiness is a choice

23 Dec
I’m pretty sure we all at some point in our lives had to deal with someone who was difficult, which makes live just a little bit more challenging especially when you work or live with that person.
And many times this relationship starts to drain you and make you unhappy…, but the one thing that remains true and is often forgotten is
“Happiness is a choice, and
it’s not dependent on anyone else.”

People will be what they will be. Some will be pleasant, and some won’t.
When we allow others to dictate our happiness, we have given them the right to control us, the right to determine our overall well-being, which takes away our own self power and responsibility.
I got this excerpt in an email from Wes Hopper
” If we insist on believing that they “should” be different, we’re arguing with what is, with reality, and how well is that gonna work?

People can change, but they rarely do it because we think they should. They do it when it’s the right time for them in their own spiritual development.

So all in all, know that happiness is your choice, and let that guide your thoughts and actions.

Don’t let anyone take that right away from you.
Find happiness in yourself and in others, even when its hard to look pass the ugly things some one does. The point is to always know that you have a choice.
It could be a family member, a co-worker, a choreographer, a dancer, know that you have a choice…..YOU HAVE A CHOICE….
I’ll follow-up this blog with another entry on dismissing all those who are not part of your **DREAM TEAM**
Dance * Live * Inspire

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