*Just Dance* Have a great start to 2010

4 Jan

So for many tomorrow is the official start to 2010.  It’s the first actual week of 2010. ..Yeah to that

And even though we are entering 2010 with weather that is colder than I would like to think about, I hope that the very thought of having a great year, and accomplishing all you’re goals gives you a warm feeling inside..lol I get that feeling when I think about all the creative ideas and things I want to do.

But more than just setting goals and accomplishing them, enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

When you dance, dance because you love it, not because you want to impress those around you, and even though I use the word dance it also applies to life. Live authentically, live to be happy, and be happy to live.

The next time you step into a dance class, just breath and say “You know what I’m here for me, and this is not to impress you or you. I’m here because I love this and I want to better my skills and just dance.”

And yes we all want to be recognized by our peers, but you know what everything happens in due time, focus on the love you have for your craft.

Just dance..and let your essence touch those around you..This comes from experience…and this I will touch on later on this week… Stayed tuned..

Have a great start to 2010.

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Dance * Live * Inspire



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