Torontos Original Choreographers Ball

15 Jan

Toronto’s Original Choreographers Ball took place on Sunday January 10th 2010, at the Mod Club to a venue filled with dancers, choreographers, family, friends, supporters, art lovers and the list goes on.

I was one of the dancers. I love to choreograph, however I was happy to dance and just focus on performing. The performance I was in, was choreographed by Esie Mensah, she choreographed an energetic African performance. Sorry I was trying to get all the dancers who were part of this performance together for a picture, but everyone was all over the place, it was really busy backstage.  On the other side I got the chance to watch the entire show, and I took quite a few pictures of the backstage madness. 

Could I say dancers have quite the personality, that I could testify to because I’m a wild child when my creative energy is out and about.

I wasn’t able to take as many pictures of the performances as I wanted to, due to where I was in the venue and the lighting. However I got a few good ones.

It was a night of dance, there were performances that brought different elements that I appreciated and enjoyed. I have to say we have some amazing and talented dancers here in this city, lets not forget that, and I want to applaud all the dancers and choreographers for putting themselves out there.

Enjoy the pictures.

  Strike a pose dancers

 Myself and Sheldon, I love that when I see him, his mohawk has its own personality.

 Myself and Candace Simpson, Creative Director and Choreographer for Enigma Production

 The Boys Bobby, James Tabong, Leon Blackwood and Shavar Blackwood.

 The other Boys of the night Brook, Shane, and Tyler

Myself and the beautiful Minerva

I love this picture, these lovey ladies are looking great. Jessica Reynolds, Shameka Blake, Gigi, and Courtney

Hollywood and one half of 2 badd

Myself and J-Man

Myself and Chris Delos Reyes

Before the show down…(Thats me)

Myself and Leon Blackwood

Natasha Powell from Catalyst

Miranda Liver pool, great lady, and also one of the dancers who peformed with me.

Me and Ms. Soda (I have to ask her how she got that name)

Ms. Soda striking a pose by herself, you know how us ladies do


Dancers have quite the personality

The madness backstage, Shavar Blackwood should not have been in this picture lol, it should have been just Esie…lol but like I said Dancers are crazy, yet special.

lol…don’t ask…Hollywood too funny

Oh man, Oh lol but they had a great performance, wish the lighting was good for pictures and there they go again..this time with Leon Blackwood in the back, getting his cameo

Mark Samuels from Do Dat, with a clown lol lol..the clown is one of the dancers in Lenny Lens performance..


Getting creative with make up, hair and costumes (I love and appreciate all the details that go into making a performance and story unique)

Matthew Cuff…he went all out with this hair cut…I like I like:)


Love the  earrings and tattoo (Yes I love big earrings and I’m a tattoo fanatic, plus I got one at the same place behind my right ear.)

Performance shots

Some sexy Salsa, nice and short, to the point, and energetic

LR Productions, choreographed by Lindsay Ritter..great theme

LR Productions, choreographed by Lindsay Ritter..great theme

Irvin Washington…Choreographed this number..I loved the story line:)

Well this one is for the ladies, Shavar Blackwood choreographed a sensual yet heated performance, and this was how it ended with a lot of top less guys on stage. So I asked them to pose when they finished there performance and they did.

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