Are you right for the job

21 Jan

Something interesting happened, and through frustration, I started to vent, it was a healthy vent, the kind of vent we all need to get out the toxic feelings inside of us.

Well after venting I felt better and my thoughts cleared up, and it was as if a light bulb went off in my head.

Here is what happened.

I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t getting the results I needed, and I felt this was a serious block towards moving on to the next step, getting these results was and still is extremely important, however I was not working with the right people.

The team I was working with were all friendly and made me happy, they all wanted to do the job well, but the problem is they were not right for the job, and because they were not right for the job, I got frustrated when I didn’t get the results I needed. I didn’t have the time to break down specifics with them; if I did then the outcome would have been different.

How does this apply to dance?

Picking up choreography fast and being able to execute the choreography well is important, majority of the time, choreographers do not have enough time to break down each move to dancers, so it is up to that dancer to be able to soak up information quickly and be able to execute the moves well enough in a short period of time, without the choreographer having to repeat information over and over and over again.

Choreographers do not always have time to break down how dancers should feel when executing a dance move; it’s also up to the dancer to be able to express the essence of each move through his or her body.

You could be a great dancer, amazing and with just one more rehearsal, you will perfect the dance move and be able to perform it well. But majority of the time, that extra rehearsal is not there.

So you must be able to pick up quickly and execute each move well.

I knew this already, but sometimes you have to experience before you could actually relate.

So yes the choreographer likes you and knows you could dance well and perform well, but they don’t have a full day or two to break down each move, therefore you’re not right for the job.

So what ends up happening at times is that, the dancers who are able to pick up choreography quickly, execute the moves well and who are able to express the essence of the moves get the job, because they are able to do what needs to be done effectively, in a short period of time.

Choreographers are looking for dancers who could do the job with out having to think that the dancer may make a mistake on stage, which is damaging to the performance, the artist, the choreographer and to you the dancer. Some choreographers may understand and some may not be very understanding. I mean the truth is we all mess up every now and then, but could you mess up and fall back gracefully into choreography, it seems simple, but its not, this is a skill that good dancers also have, the skill of making it seem like nothing happened.

Also the work that is being put on you is the vision of the choreographer, what you look like is a direct reflection of the choreographers talent, so if you are not performing to the standards of the artist and choreographer, it will not look good, the choreography will not look the way its been envisioned by the choreographer, which now becomes a problem.

When you are able to understand this dynamic you have just improved your knowledge of the industry and are now ready to move forward in your dance career

What could you do to get yourself to that level?

  • Take dance classes, train your brain and body to learn how to pick up and execute choreography quickly.
  • Dance with essence and emotion
  • Don’t give up, some dancers have a great skill to be able to grace through auditions, some don’t, the majority has to work at this skill.
  • The job has to get done, it’s a business, don’t take business matters to heart, learn how to let things go.
  • Think and act like a professional dancer. Walk in the room prepared to do what you know and love to do. Your job is to dance your heart out period; anything else on your mind at that time should be second priority. This is blunt but very truth.

 Lesson learned

**So what I learned  was, even though I like this team, they are not right for the job, I have to go out and find a team that is able to give me what I need to get results.**

It’s not personal. If I had plenty of time to work with this team, then yes I could train them to get the results needed, but if I don’t have time, then I need to go out and find a team that is able to execute the plan.

Dance * Live * Inspire


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Kay-Ann Ward

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