There is Hope for Haiti

23 Jan

We all know the devastation that hit Haiti on Tuesday January 12th, 2010.

Lives were forever changed within minutes of a massive 7.0 earthquake that killed thousands of people. Kids were left without parents, people were buried alive by homes and buildings that came crashing down, the chaos that took place and that is still taking place is not only unbearable, it is also heart breaking.

Millions of people around the world immediately started asking what they could do to help. And help is what the world is doing. With different charity organizations around the world and in Toronto, many Fundraisers are taking place.

If you don’t know how to help here are links of organizations pouring out resources to Haiti.

World Vision


Red Cross


Hope for Haiti Now

For continuous news coverage you can always tune into CNN  and other local TV news stations.

Different televised shows are taking place to raise money for the cause.

Last night Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief was held on a variety of TV stations, celebrities came together to use their star power for an amazing cause. I got a chance to watch few of the performances and I was deeply touched. Jennifer Hudson and Wyclef Jean brought tears to my eyes.

 I missed Beyoncé performance for Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief, I watched it today and was deeply touched. Here it is.

If you missed the live show, thats OK, you can get a list of all the artist that performed by visiting Youtube. Just type in Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earth Quake Relief

Canada is doing their part. Congrats to all Canadians who together raised money for Haiti at “Canada for Haiti.” Over $8 million dollars was raised on Friday January 22, 2010 on a televised Fundraiser which brought together Canadian celebrities from Celine Dion to Rachel McAdams from the Hit movie The Notebook.

With many local and grand fundraisers taking place, please give generously.

Here are a few local fundraisers coming up, and yes there will be plenty of dancing taking place.

Babyboyz Dancegroup

When: January 24th, 2010

Where: Tattoo Rock Parlour 567 Queen Street West

Time: 7pm

Cost: Pay what you can

Hosted by Canadian Dance Group Baby Boyz visit website



What: Concert, Enjoy a night filled with music, dance and art. Proceeds raised will go to Haiti.

Start Time: Tuesday, February 2 at 6:00pm
End Time: Tuesday, February 2 at 11:00pm
Where: Footwork Bar
Link to the event


**I’m working on a great Fundraiser which will bring together Toronto’s finest, to raise money for Haiti, details to come in the following week**

For now there is so much we could and continue to do, give whatever you can, pray, talk to your friends and family about it, keep hope alive, it will take years to rebuild this nation, but they could do it, and they could do it with our help. Lets not turn our backs. This is more than just sad, we have kids, and people holding on, so we must hold on with them.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

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