Dancing is for everyone

26 Jan

So you love to dance, but you are convinced that dancing is something that is too hard, and or you think it could only be done by professional dancers and those who where born with the great ability of co-ordination.

Or maybe you’re too scared to take your first dance class, because you have never and I mean never in your life danced before, but you would love to learn.

A lot of times people come up to me, and they say, I really want to dance, but I’m scared.

I ask them why and I get different reasons, but the most popular one is, it looks hard, I ask them why it looks hard and usually it comes down to, whenever they see someone dancing its usually a dancer so they compare there skills to those of someone with training or who has a dance background.

They watch shows like so you think you can dance or dancing with the stars and then base there capabilities off these shows….

Nooooo, lol…that’s a big no no…

Those participants and dancers on TV shows have had time to practice, plus many of them have years of training especially on popular shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Best Dance Crew

Plus…dancing is not just for dancers, it’s for everyone and anyone to enjoy.

Dancing is a one of life’s gifts that should be enjoyed by the world.

There are dance classes out there for recreational dancers and professional dancers. And there is a big difference between them.

Professional dance classes are designed to train dancers at a level that is needed to work in the dance industry.

Recreational dance classes are designed for everyday people with no dance back ground and those who may have had a dance back ground but do not want to take a professional dance class, or they are not ready for a class at that level.

Recreational classes are for all to enjoy, one of the great benefits is that you’re learning at a pace that is good for you, yet you’re still challenging yourself.

Dancing is for everyone, so if you have that fear and thought in your mind that it’s too hard or dance classes are only for professional dancers, wipe it out of your thought process today and start dancing.

There are many people out there who want to dance, all they want to do is move…give yourself the gift of a life time and dance, even if its at home, just move around, and take a recreational dance class.

I guarantee you will feel better.

Oh yes and the popular question I also get is.. “OMG Kay-Ann, I seen your videos on youtube, they are great, but I can’t dance like that”

What’s on youtube are video clips of me dancing with other professional dancers at showcases and events, and I wouldn’t dear teach those moves to participants in an open level recreational class…that would be crazy, the moves are too complicated. Plus alot of rehearsal time went into each performance.

So the answer to that is…what you see on youtube is at an advance level, the moves I will teach in an open level class are just as unique, easier, yet they are meant to challenge you,  and you are still able to master them with practice, you will enjoy them and leave feeling good and accomplished.

Open level recreational classes are for everyone..so come out and enjoy

Start dancing, and let go of that fear. Dance is for everyone find a dance class that’s at an open level that you will enjoy. Just try it.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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