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Are you your worst critic

27 Feb

One thing I find many dancers have in common is we are very hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up, when we think and feel that our work could have been better.
We work endless hours to make it right only to feel dissatisfied at the end.
It’s a tough one.
Its ok to want things to be better, that’s what keeps us being innovative, on our toes and perfecting our crafts.
But we must congratulate ourselves for the work and effort we put out.
We are blessed with talents plus our mind, body and soul work very hard as a team to do what it does, so to not appreciate and congratulate ourselves is harmful.
But you know what, I would be lying if I said it was easy, one of the biggest things I fight with on a daily basis is being my worst critic, I will spend endless hours in the studio rehearsing, I will dance until I’m out of breath, I will workout hard, but some where in the back of my mind is that voice that says you could have done better.

Being tough on yourself is not wrong, its when you allow that toughness to keep you stagnant and feeling little.

So what I’m learning to do is not let that voice defeat me and tear me apart but to let it guide and push me to always be my best. Yet be thankful for what was accomplished.

That’s really all I could do, and what we could all do.
Be the best that we can be 🙂

Kay-Ann Ward


Cool picture video

25 Feb

Heres a cool re-cap of the events I’ve been part of.

Enjoy the video and yes more to come. I’ve noticed that I love to work on and create mini projects, so I can’t wait to share them with you.

Don’t be a know it all

22 Feb

Its OK to not know it all, ask for help, don’t allow yourself to fall behind because of pride and an ego bigger than your dance moves..Humble yourself and ask questions.


Step out of your Dance Box

20 Feb

The next time you attend an event make it a goal to talk to someone new, the more comfortable you get increase that number.
The purpose of this is to get out of your shell and comfort zone. 
No you don’t have to become best friends with those you meet, but it’s good to meet new dancers and make healthy connections.
It’s not always easy and sometimes those you connect with don’t want to connect with you, don’t take it personal, continue to reach out.
Get use to talking. At the end of the day, you want to be able to have healthy working relationships with those in the dance community; a great way to start is by talking and genuinely asking questions about the other person.

Even though it’s a goal, it shouldn’t be forced. Don’t force the conversation but definitely step outside of your zone and welcome others.

Step outside your comfort zone and get to know who the new dancers are, talk to the person standing beside you, know who the Jazz and Ballet dancers are, know the breakers, know the dancer who has on the crazy outfit, have fun, and meet new people.

Thank the audience who came to watch you dance.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

Be super stylish and on point

18 Feb


If there is one thing that gets me and irritates me, is when I forget my business cards.

Yes it has happened to me in the past.

I’m going out, and I switch bags, then I end up forgetting my business card holder in the bag I’m not using.

I love bags, and I love purses. When I’m going out, and depending on how I’m feeling I like the bag and my purse to reflect my mood and personal style.

I cringe every time someone ask me for my card, or I want to give my contact information to someone and I go searching for my business card, only to realize, I left the card holder in my other bag.

This incident happened more than once, so I came up with this solution to solve that problem, and it works.

I decided to put at least 10 business cards in each of my bags and purses.

That way if I forget to put my business card holder in the bag I’m using, I have a back up.

This has helped out so much…….

So yes ladies…we could still be super stylish and on point.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


16 Feb

Not everyone is born with the same skill level.

But many of us are born with unique talents that with development could flourish and take us places.

Not all dancers are at the same level, some dancers have years of dance training and experience under there belts.

But you know what, that’s great for them. If you don’t have years of training and experience under your belt that’s also fine, you can’t change the past. What you could do is, do everything you could to make now worth while.

We all have 24 hours in the day, what you choose to do with it is your choice.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice, practice, practice.

Yes I will say it again. PRACTICE

No it’s not enough to go to the studio rehearse, go home and say to yourself, “Yes I’m good, I got this.”

Go home and practice, go over the routine in your mind, before you sleep and when you wake up.

Develop the habit of practicing your skill, so that your talent could shine.

Once again, you may not have years under your belt, but your still an amazing dancer. With development and patience you could take your skill up another level by practicing.

Dance * Live * Inpsire 

 Kay-Ann Ward

Will Smith speaks the truth

16 Feb

Here is a great video of Will Smith talking about something that we all could relate to.

This video is so inspiring and real.

What I like about his message, is that he is speaking from experience, he knows what it is like to fail and work hard, he also knows what its like to succeed and work hard.

For all my dancers, choreographers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries..take in his words. We hear and read about what he his talking about, but for some reason, just listening to him speak so passionately about this topic makes my believe and determination that much more stronger. I hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know what you think.

I didnt start training at 3 yrs old

5 Feb

Good morning my fellow dancers, fitness lovers, followers and supporters, hope your all well.

Someone sent me a really great quote this morning and I wanted to share it.

“A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with. A man is what he makes of himself.”
— Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
I love this quote..
As a dancer I use to think OMG I didn’t start dancing at 3 years old, I can’t become a dancer, that thought stayed with me until I finished college, then with the support I needed I was able to start training to better my dance skills, yes the thought took a while to leave, but its gone, because now I know that what I make of my dance skills, is a reflection of the time and effort I put in to better myself.  The fact that I didn’t start dancing at 3 years old will not affect my destiny.
Whatever you do to better yourself know that you could do it.
Enjoy your day.
Dance * Live * Inspire

Anokhi Award show and Gala

5 Feb

Today I’ll be performing at the Liberty Grand with Canadian Singer Farahri and Hip-Hop artist Choclair, with Hype man and Reggae artist Fire Lion.

This performance is the 4th Annual Anokhi award show and Gala.

 We will be performing Farahris new single ft. Choclair Dance the night away. I had posted the video a while ago, but here it is again if you missed it.

I will definitely keep you all posted, matter of fact I’ll be tweeting away, I’ll try to get in 4 twit pics for the night.

If you don’t know what a twit pic is, just follow me on twitter and you shall find out.  FOLLOW ME

Funny Alicia Keys and Beyonce video

4 Feb

I love this song by Alicia Keys and Beyoncé. Its called *Put it in a love song*

I found a fake music video of the song on youtube.

Oh man usually I don’t put up these videos on my blog, however just check out the dance moves, absolutely funny.