Februarys thought

1 Feb

So it is February. I wonder how everyone is doing so far in 2010.

I really hope the excitement is still there and the will to change and build new healthy habits is still there.

All in all we could always make a change, regardless of what time of the day it is and it doesn’t matter when in the year, change is constant and it is always something that we all could take part of.

So to all my lovely dancers it’s never too late, to take that ballet class, or that advance hip-hop class, it’s never too late to seek out a mentor, its never too late to let go of un healthy habits and turn them into good ones.

Most importantly it’s never too late to let go of what you think you know, and learn from everyone around you.

Take new classes, step outside of your comfort zone.

 Talk to someone new, asks questions..if you’re always late arrive early, if you’re always early and on time keep it up..lol..That’s good work ethic

If you’re always blaming others, look in the mirror and start the change with you

If you’ve always wanted to choreograph, start and do your research on choreography

If you’re shy, make it a goal to talk to one new person each day

If you’re always in the back of the dance class, stand in the front, or stand at the other side of the room

If you’re always in the front stand in the back you would be surprise how the mind works when you don’t stand in the same place

Watch a dance show other than Hip-Hop, Ballet or Jazz

Take a class that you know will be hard or a challenge for you, matter of fact take a class that’s so out of your element that it’s like learning how to walk again

The point is it’s never too late to change and try something new, when you do this; you are growing as a dancer and person.

Dance * Live * Inspire


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