Good work ethics

3 Feb

So you want to dance, you want to be one of the top dancers in the industry.

You want to make dance your career.

Well I’ve summed up some tips that may help you get and stay in the dance industry.

Before I do so I have to say what I’m listing is based off experience, and observation.

Here we go

 Its not cool to constantly show up to your dance rehearsals late, it’s not professional.

When you commit to performing, that’s your commitment, the choreographer, and dancers are relying on you to do this. Calling the night before or on the day of to say you can’t perform is not professional. We all know that personal situations come up, but only you know if it’s worth it or not to cancel.

We all have ups and downs, how you deal with your ups and downs is your personal choice. Being known as the dancer that can’t be hired because whenever they have a personal issue, everything goes downhill including the project is not very healthy.

Keep work related issues at work and keep personal related issues personal, when the two cross it’s never a good combination.

Speaking ill of other dancers is not OK…. think of it this way, the people you are discussing another dancer to may have your name in his or her mouth in there next conversation with someone else. And the conversation may not be very pleasant.

Not only is this not professional, it’s disrespectful and damaging. Treat others the way you want to be treated. The next time you’re around a group of dancers and they are speaking ill of another dancer, leave the conversation or keep your mouth shut.

Spend your energy speaking positively or engaging in positive criticism. Don’t waste energy on matters that do you no good.

Be prepared: Come with all your rehearsal gear and performance gear, make a list of the things you need.

Turn your cell phone off during rehearsal.

Listen to what the choreographer wants you to do. You are the dancer, not the choreographer; if the choreographer doesn’t want you to do a particular move then don’t do it.

When you’re the choreographer then you call the shots, plus you would want your dancers to be receptive towards you.

If you don’t like the choreography and costume that’s fine…but going around to others and causing an up roar is not really called for..if the costume or choreography makes you feel extremely uncomfortable speak with the choreographer or agent, but not the other dancers.

When it comes to choreography, it’s not always going to be what you like. That’s why there are many different choreographers who have different choreography styles.

Its art and not every ones art is the same.

Be respectful be professional

Build positive working relationships with others, no you don’t have to be best friends, and go out to eat everyday. But it’s important to build healthy relationships. And to do that you must respect yourself and others.

Train, take dance classes and not just classes  your friends teach…for goodness sake… take classes to learn and to challenge yourself, not so you could perform the life out of the routine all the time. If you’re constantly breezing through choreography, are you growing as a dancer?

Step outside your comfort zone and learn different styles from different teachers and choreographers.

Discipline yourself, practice not just in the studio, practice by picturing yourself dancing, practice by going through the dance moves at home.

Don’t get comfortable. Dance *FULL OUT* who cares if you know it already, dance FULL OUT…unless your dead tired, injured or sick.

Overall the goal is to develop good working habits to match your talent and hard work. When talent, hard work, dedication and knowledge come together it makes the path a little easier.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts.



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