Be super stylish and on point

18 Feb


If there is one thing that gets me and irritates me, is when I forget my business cards.

Yes it has happened to me in the past.

I’m going out, and I switch bags, then I end up forgetting my business card holder in the bag I’m not using.

I love bags, and I love purses. When I’m going out, and depending on how I’m feeling I like the bag and my purse to reflect my mood and personal style.

I cringe every time someone ask me for my card, or I want to give my contact information to someone and I go searching for my business card, only to realize, I left the card holder in my other bag.

This incident happened more than once, so I came up with this solution to solve that problem, and it works.

I decided to put at least 10 business cards in each of my bags and purses.

That way if I forget to put my business card holder in the bag I’m using, I have a back up.

This has helped out so much…….

So yes ladies…we could still be super stylish and on point.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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