Step out of your Dance Box

20 Feb

The next time you attend an event make it a goal to talk to someone new, the more comfortable you get increase that number.
The purpose of this is to get out of your shell and comfort zone. 
No you don’t have to become best friends with those you meet, but it’s good to meet new dancers and make healthy connections.
It’s not always easy and sometimes those you connect with don’t want to connect with you, don’t take it personal, continue to reach out.
Get use to talking. At the end of the day, you want to be able to have healthy working relationships with those in the dance community; a great way to start is by talking and genuinely asking questions about the other person.

Even though it’s a goal, it shouldn’t be forced. Don’t force the conversation but definitely step outside of your zone and welcome others.

Step outside your comfort zone and get to know who the new dancers are, talk to the person standing beside you, know who the Jazz and Ballet dancers are, know the breakers, know the dancer who has on the crazy outfit, have fun, and meet new people.

Thank the audience who came to watch you dance.

Dance * Live * Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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