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Kay-Anns Kreative Expression

26 Mar

What is Kay-Anns kreative expression? 

 This is the part of my blog that is a direct reflection of my creativity and artistic personality. I love art, I love to create, and I love the freedom to create without restrictions.
With that said, sometimes people don’t agree with the way others express themselves. For me not being able to express myself is a sin. So it is here *Kay-Anns Kreative expression* category that you will get to experience and share with me all things that I have created either visually, by writing, or through movement or simply said “ A reflection of my creativity”
I hope you enjoy what’s to come. And for those who don’t like it, its ok, art is an expression, not everyone will like it, and I understand and appreciate that. For those who enjoy the creative work I put out, thank you. Just as fitness and inspiration is a major part of my life, so is creating.


Audition Wardrobe Malfunction

26 Mar

Ladies this one is more for you than the guys, but guys I’m pretty sure you could relate some how with another piece of clothing.
Ladies don’t we just love the bikini tops, yes they are so sexy, we could dress them up or dress them down, either way it looks fly.
But what’s not so fly is when your bikini top unravels and comes undone during your audition. The audition is suppose to be your time to shine, and there is nothing more nerve-racking, than freaking out in your mind because it came undone.
Speaking from experience, I had an audition, I had on my bra, and a cute bikini top over the bra then my jersey top (It was cute). Lucky thing I had on a bra because my bikini strap came undone, I kept on dancing because I knew that I had on my bra underneath, I wasn’t going to pop out, but OMG…that’s so friggin annoying. I was upset, and yes I felt that because my straps came undone, that it affected my audition. I mean what’s done is done…
And the funny thing is, I’ve worn this bikini top plenty of times, I tie it super tight but I guess this time it wasn’t tight enough.

****To demonstrate, here is what I had on for the audition, with the bikini top under****

***This is what happened, when it came down…but like I said, lucky thing I had on my bra under, so I was protected***

Overall if your going to wear these cute bikini tops make sure you think ahead, so your not left covering your ta tas.
****Here are some ideas to look cute and stay covered**** 

1) Don’t wear the bikini top at all, sometimes looking cute is not the way to go
2) Wear a bra under your bikini top, only do this if it flows with the entire get up, if not get a clear bra strap.
3) Use double-sided tape. I personally don’t like it, maybe I’m using it wrong, I don’t think it works for me, but I’ve had other dancers say that it works for them.
4) Tie the straps really tight, triple knot.
We all want to look good and shine during auditions, don’t let the wardrobe malfunction be the reason why you stopped and couldn’t carry on.

 Best Tip:  Practice dancing full-out in your bikini top…just to make sure your safe and secured.

The Market “Freestyle Battle”

22 Mar

Oh I love dance, everything about it gives me goose bumps..its the best

I love watching dancers just give it all on the dance floor.

My first love of dance is the art of moving freely, I love to freestyle and I love watching dancers freestyle.

On Thursday March 18th, 2010 I went to the Market which is an Urban Dance Showcase put on by AbA Entertainment. The purpose of this showcase was to highlight what urban dance is all about, and a big part of urban dance is freestyle.

There were group performances throughout the night, but honestly it was the freestyle battle that got me excited..I just love it. And it was all about the guys in this freestyle battle.

These freestyle dancers brought everything to the stage, from Hip-Hop, Popping, Breaking, Gymnastics, Lyrical, Dancehall Reggae, Jazz, and Krumping including moves and stunts that came out of no where.

I took some pictures of the dancers throwing down there skills on the dance floor, I also got some dancers, poppers, movers,  and regular dance lovers to pose for the camera.

Just posing

Yes, his leg is injured, and wait, he his also in the free style contest..Oh Anthony:)

Remember his face:)

***Let the Battle Begin***

**And the Winner is Pyro, he was amazing..Good Job:)**

“Dance is not dead, all you have to do is freestyle”

Rainy but the show must go on

22 Mar

Last weekend March 13th, 2010 to be exact, I was out in Cobourg Ontario performing with music artist Farahri and Fire Lion, who opened up for Canadian artist Karl Wolf at the Play House performing arts centre.

The weather wasn’t so pleasant, it was windy plus it rained the entire day, but all in all it was a blessing to be surrounded by two amazing dancers, Latoya Robinson and Minerva. These ladies rocked the stage, all while looking good.

Usually I would dance in the main song “Dance the night away”, but this time, I sat back choreographed and put the details of the performance together. I danced for the other songs, but Latoya and Minerva held the stage with Farahri during her single.

Thanks ladies I appreciate it, you ladies did great.

Here are some pictures, hanging out before the show, during tech and just before we hit the stage.

Making the best of a rainy day:)

Fire Lion and Farahri

Fire Lion, Toya and Minerva

Me, Toya and Minerva (Lol The craziness)

Tech, running through Dance the night away

Ready for the stage..see what I mean, the ladies look fly:)

Masia One proofs that Girls Rule at Ruth Thompson Middle School

22 Mar

On Wednesday March 12th, 2010 Masia One and DJ Dopey hit the stage at Ruth Thompson Middle School performing for over 300 youth.

She had Toya, Tiff Mak and myself dancing and entertaining the youths with her.

This performance was a gift to the school, from the “Because I am a Girl” Cross country school tour. The girls at Ruth Thompson Middle school participated in a contest put on by Plan Canada and they won.


It was a pleasure performing with Masia One. All the kids loved the show, you could tell from there screams.

Here are some pictures.

Toya, Masia One and myself strike a pose in the school gym.

Toya and I loving the close up:)


Love this quote, the best part is that its right at the entrance of the school. Amazing.

Even Obama was up on the wall, right at the entrance..Also AMAZING

Masia rocking the stage

And its on:) Toya, Masia and I, having a good time.

DJ Dopey spinning the ones and twos..:)

Tiff Mak in the purple jacket, throwing down her B-Girl skills.

Thats a wrap for the show, us ladies posing before we head out

Lady Gaga speaks about her telephone video

19 Mar

Heres Lady Gaga explaining her creative vision for her Telepone video

What do you think, like I said, I personally like her creativity, no I don’t understand all of it, but I appreciate it.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce

19 Mar

Lady Gaga was featured on the remix for Beyonce single “Video Phone”  They came out with a video. If you haven’t seen the video well here it is.

But that’s not the topic of discussion, the talk right now is Lady Gagas single “Telephone” this time Beyonce returned the favor and was featured on the song, and in the video. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is, you have to watch it first, before you continue to read.

May I add that I like the song.

Now the video was released not too long ago, and so far I’ve been getting mixed reviews. These reviews are coming in from word of mouth, and social media.

Some people hate the video, and hate is a powerful word, but I could feel the rage in the words that they use to describe it.

And some love the video.

So I watched the video over and over and over again, to see what the fuss was about, to come up with my own take on it…

It’s a creative video, but because it’s so creative, many get lost by not understanding where this creativity is going.

The costumes are banging, I like the outrageous costumes, makeup and visual art that I see, for some, this could be over kill.

Story line, there are times when I’m like yes I get it and then I’m like Oh darn… I don’t get it..But I’m Ok with that, because that’s what keeps me engaged every time I watch the video, I’m always getting something new.

The dancing, yes I like the dancing, it’s different, and I appreciate and like different.

Overall I don’t hate the video, I appreciate the art of it, and I’m not saying this because I like Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Because I have to admit, after watching certain parts in the video I’m like what the hell, I don’t get it, but not because I don’t get it means it’s a bad thing.

So it’s up to you to decide, whatever your decision, don’t forget you’re entitled to an opinion, but that’s all it is, it’s not a fact.

The Weather is lovely

18 Mar

It’s amazing how great weather makes us feel.

This past week has been nothing but a blessing the sun is out, the breeze is nice and cool, the energy in the city is alive and pumping, it’s just amazing.

If your not enjoying the beauty thats outside, I suggest you do. Go for a walk, go for a run, get inspired.

Yesterday I took to the streets of downtown and like always when the weather warms up, the street performers come out to do their thing, it’s a real treat to watch.

I’m going back downtown to get some pictures for you..All in all enjoy what is now and whats to come…spring is around the corner and summer is not too far away

When will the Sun Shine

17 Mar

Through the darkest clouds the sun comes out and shines the brightest

We all have days, months and even years when we feel like “OMG when am I going to get mine.”  We find ourselves having a serious talk with our friends, family, god, the divine and the list goes on. We get angry, we cry, we experience emotions that no words could describe. We see others moving along gracefully, or our vision is so clouded that we can’t think or see clear at all.

Whatever your path or journey is, don’t give up…

The sun will come out and shine and when it shines, be appreciative of that bright light.

I have experienced my fair share of OMG when am I going to get a break, when will it be my time. I experience different emotions here and there.

What do I do? Well I never have the answer because I’m always tested. but I surround myself with people who help me, I pray and I allow myself to feel what I need to feel, I write and sometimes its good to step away just to breathe..

But the message is the **Sun will Shine. So don’t give up.**

Dance * Live * Inspire

 Kay-Ann Ward

Looking for a new template and second blog

15 Mar

Oh wow I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’m still here and I promise I haven’t went anywhere, and no I have not neglected my blog. New content is on its way. I’m working on getting a new look for my blog..yes yes, I’m super and I have to say super tired of the lame background that I have. You tell me, don’t you think its time, my blog gets a face lift, it needs more personality. lol

I’ve been looking at new blog templates, I found a few that I like, all I need to do is choose the one I like best and put it to work.  As for now I will continue to post contents, while I work on figuring out a new look for this blog.

Question: I’ve thought about getting two blogs, what do you think?

I thought it will be best to have one blog dedicated to all my dance lovers, ( Dance Hub) and another blog (Kay-Ann Ward) that’s all about the other goodies, that we love. Reason being is I know not everyone is a dancer and wants to learn about the dance industry.

Plus it fits what I do perfectly. I teach professional dance classes and I also teach dance for the recreational dance lovers, including group fitness classes, so it will be great for everyone to have a place to go. I mean when you read my blog now its been set up that way, so that the information is for both dancers and non dancers, all I’m doing is separating the blogs, so that when you come, you don’t have to swift through content that’s not relevant to you.

I know I know you all may be thinking, GIRL, thats too much work, lol…and to tell you the truth, I believe it could be done with planning and organizing, I love writing, and sharing information with you all, so it won’t be a job. Let me know what you think, do you think I’m crazy.

 Kay-Ann Ward