Which artist do you want to dance for?

2 Mar

With so many singers out there, you would think that dancers would give anything to dance for all of them… …

No No No…of course dancers want to book the job and get paid. But I’ve noticed that there are very few artist out there that gets dancers, squirming when it comes to audition time.

These singers are creative and walking moguls…they have swag, and they are usually very entertaining to watch.

Here is a list of singers, and entertainers I find dancers would give anything to dance for.



Definitely a sexy beast on stage, he his talented, a dancer and yes his style makes a lot of ladies thirsty.

What makes him stand out: He puts on a show, he actually dances and sings and he’s very good at it.



Well she’s fire on stage, she has a stage persona she calls Sasha fierce, and her shows are very elaborate.

What makes her stand out: Everything


Chris Brown

The boy could dance his butt off, dancers wait for the day, they could get on stage and actually showcase their talent.

What makes him stand out: “Well talent always stands out”


Lady Gaga

She’s new to the scene, but she has set up shop, and by the looks of it, she wants and I think needs to stay, her creativity and personal style is her own. Many dancers like this, they appreciate a place for creative expression and Lady Gaga is all about creative expression

What Makes her stand out: *How could she not stand out, when her look was a popular Halloween costume, and you can’t deny she’s an artist, like it or not*



Well this Barbadian princess has made a name for herself, as a fashionista, her music is popular, she’s popular, why not…:)

What makes her standout: She has set quite a few trends since she came out. Many dancers like trends, some dancers set them, and some follow them


Adam Lambert

I added him because after watching his performance at the American Music Awards, I was impressed with his bold attitude and willingness to take creative risks.

What makes him stand out: Cause I like his swag.


Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake

All from the Disney Crew, all amazing performers, all have had sold out world tours and albums, and they all bring something different to the stage.

What makes them stand out: There was a point when they ruled the music industry, plus they put on great shows.


 Now its time for the A and beyond list…The best of the best, no one can test list


Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson

These three entertainers I think are the best. They are friggin amazing. I use the word friggin because I will not swear on this blog, because the blog is meant for all dancers.

If you don’t know why dancers want to dance for Michael, Janet and Madonna, then all you have to do is watch them perform and you will find the answer. Go on youtube and research excellence and at its best.

It’s sad because we lost Michael Jackson, but he his still and always will be the greatest

Of course there are more artist out there, but when I hear dancers speak these are the names that float around a lot..

 Let me know if I’m missing someone. Who do you think should be on this list, or not be on the list.

Ok, so I got a message stating I forgot to add these fire bomb girls group..The Pussy Cat dolls, these ladies have brought fun, and sexy together.

Kay-Ann Ward


2 Responses to “Which artist do you want to dance for?”

  1. Laura Furtado March 2, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    And don’t forget the hot gals… Pussy Cat Dolls!!!

    • kayannward March 2, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

      Oh yes, how did I forget those ladies…:) My bad..Thanks Laura..I’m going to add them later..:)

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