Looking for a new template and second blog

15 Mar

Oh wow I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’m still here and I promise I haven’t went anywhere, and no I have not neglected my blog. New content is on its way. I’m working on getting a new look for my blog..yes yes, I’m super and I have to say super tired of the lame background that I have. You tell me, don’t you think its time, my blog gets a face lift, it needs more personality. lol

I’ve been looking at new blog templates, I found a few that I like, all I need to do is choose the one I like best and put it to work.  As for now I will continue to post contents, while I work on figuring out a new look for this blog.

Question: I’ve thought about getting two blogs, what do you think?

I thought it will be best to have one blog dedicated to all my dance lovers, ( Dance Hub) and another blog (Kay-Ann Ward) that’s all about the other goodies, that we love. Reason being is I know not everyone is a dancer and wants to learn about the dance industry.

Plus it fits what I do perfectly. I teach professional dance classes and I also teach dance for the recreational dance lovers, including group fitness classes, so it will be great for everyone to have a place to go. I mean when you read my blog now its been set up that way, so that the information is for both dancers and non dancers, all I’m doing is separating the blogs, so that when you come, you don’t have to swift through content that’s not relevant to you.

I know I know you all may be thinking, GIRL, thats too much work, lol…and to tell you the truth, I believe it could be done with planning and organizing, I love writing, and sharing information with you all, so it won’t be a job. Let me know what you think, do you think I’m crazy.

 Kay-Ann Ward


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