Rainy but the show must go on

22 Mar

Last weekend March 13th, 2010 to be exact, I was out in Cobourg Ontario performing with music artist Farahri and Fire Lion, who opened up for Canadian artist Karl Wolf at the Play House performing arts centre.

The weather wasn’t so pleasant, it was windy plus it rained the entire day, but all in all it was a blessing to be surrounded by two amazing dancers, Latoya Robinson and Minerva. These ladies rocked the stage, all while looking good.

Usually I would dance in the main song “Dance the night away”, but this time, I sat back choreographed and put the details of the performance together. I danced for the other songs, but Latoya and Minerva held the stage with Farahri during her single.

Thanks ladies I appreciate it, you ladies did great.

Here are some pictures, hanging out before the show, during tech and just before we hit the stage.

Making the best of a rainy day:)

Fire Lion and Farahri

Fire Lion, Toya and Minerva

Me, Toya and Minerva (Lol The craziness)

Tech, running through Dance the night away

Ready for the stage..see what I mean, the ladies look fly:)


One Response to “Rainy but the show must go on”

  1. Minerva March 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

    love the pics Kay! xo

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