The Market “Freestyle Battle”

22 Mar

Oh I love dance, everything about it gives me goose bumps..its the best

I love watching dancers just give it all on the dance floor.

My first love of dance is the art of moving freely, I love to freestyle and I love watching dancers freestyle.

On Thursday March 18th, 2010 I went to the Market which is an Urban Dance Showcase put on by AbA Entertainment. The purpose of this showcase was to highlight what urban dance is all about, and a big part of urban dance is freestyle.

There were group performances throughout the night, but honestly it was the freestyle battle that got me excited..I just love it. And it was all about the guys in this freestyle battle.

These freestyle dancers brought everything to the stage, from Hip-Hop, Popping, Breaking, Gymnastics, Lyrical, Dancehall Reggae, Jazz, and Krumping including moves and stunts that came out of no where.

I took some pictures of the dancers throwing down there skills on the dance floor, I also got some dancers, poppers, movers,  and regular dance lovers to pose for the camera.

Just posing

Yes, his leg is injured, and wait, he his also in the free style contest..Oh Anthony:)

Remember his face:)

***Let the Battle Begin***

**And the Winner is Pyro, he was amazing..Good Job:)**

“Dance is not dead, all you have to do is freestyle”


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