Audition Wardrobe Malfunction

26 Mar

Ladies this one is more for you than the guys, but guys I’m pretty sure you could relate some how with another piece of clothing.
Ladies don’t we just love the bikini tops, yes they are so sexy, we could dress them up or dress them down, either way it looks fly.
But what’s not so fly is when your bikini top unravels and comes undone during your audition. The audition is suppose to be your time to shine, and there is nothing more nerve-racking, than freaking out in your mind because it came undone.
Speaking from experience, I had an audition, I had on my bra, and a cute bikini top over the bra then my jersey top (It was cute). Lucky thing I had on a bra because my bikini strap came undone, I kept on dancing because I knew that I had on my bra underneath, I wasn’t going to pop out, but OMG…that’s so friggin annoying. I was upset, and yes I felt that because my straps came undone, that it affected my audition. I mean what’s done is done…
And the funny thing is, I’ve worn this bikini top plenty of times, I tie it super tight but I guess this time it wasn’t tight enough.

****To demonstrate, here is what I had on for the audition, with the bikini top under****

***This is what happened, when it came down…but like I said, lucky thing I had on my bra under, so I was protected***

Overall if your going to wear these cute bikini tops make sure you think ahead, so your not left covering your ta tas.
****Here are some ideas to look cute and stay covered**** 

1) Don’t wear the bikini top at all, sometimes looking cute is not the way to go
2) Wear a bra under your bikini top, only do this if it flows with the entire get up, if not get a clear bra strap.
3) Use double-sided tape. I personally don’t like it, maybe I’m using it wrong, I don’t think it works for me, but I’ve had other dancers say that it works for them.
4) Tie the straps really tight, triple knot.
We all want to look good and shine during auditions, don’t let the wardrobe malfunction be the reason why you stopped and couldn’t carry on.

 Best Tip:  Practice dancing full-out in your bikini top…just to make sure your safe and secured.


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