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Inner power

29 Apr

Don’t give up, push through…We all have an inner strength that when put to use, does wonders…

It could be your workout, a life challenge, or a professional challenge…

Keep moving forward.

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Kay-Ann Ward


Are you ready for Dancehall Sweat this Friday?

26 Apr

Must have for Dancehall Sweat Workshop

So we all know this workshop is going to cause a serious HEAT WAVE, which means sweat and more sweat.

The only exception is, we are going to actually enjoy this HEAT WAVE.

So to make sure we are all ready and prepared for the excitement, here’s a list of must have for the workshop.

Water: Bring water, I can’t stress this enough, bring at least two bottles, just to be on the safe side. 

Towel or face cloth: Your going to sweat with out a doubt

Extra clothing: Bring clothes to dance in, and then have clothes to change into after the workshop is finished, you don’t want to leave all sweaty, so be prepared.

What should you wear?

Running shoes, for the workout portion

For the dance segment of the workshop you’re free to go barefoot if you want

Tights, tank top, or T-shirt are always good choices, you want to wear clothing that’s comfortable and allows your body to breathe and move freely

Sports bra and or extra supportive bra

Make sure your hydrated before the workshop drink at least two cups of water an hour before the workshop

Make sure you eat at least an hour before the workshop.

If I’m missing something, send me an email, and I will add it to the list.

Dancehall Sweat is only less than a week away, I’m so excited I can’t wait, see you all there.

April 30th, 2010



Ciara shows the fellas she could ride

25 Apr

So Ciara is at it again. Here she is proofing to many why the fellas like the way she rides. My question is how many fellas after watching C.C dance agree with her.  

Power and two thumbs up to Ciara for holding her own in this video, and literally she held her own, and dropped it low in many different ways.

I have to say the ladies in the industry are going FULL OUT and not holding back.


No interruptions please

23 Apr

We all need time to get work done, and not be distracted.

Now that we have social media, texting, black berry messenger, and emails coming directly to us through our phones,  its easier to get distracted.

Because we get messages delivered through our phones, many and I have to admit myself included feel obligated to attend to them right away.

Or we have family and friends who sometimes demand too much time from us, on matters that could sometimes wait.

Something I find to be helpful is to tell others that you are busy and its important that you have dedicated time to get somethings done.

Ask that they respect this and stand firm by what you say.

Discipline yourself to not attend to every message, and or text that comes through your phone.

We all need time to focus, and focus without interruptions.

So after going through this myself, my solution is I have to manage myself better and communicate with others that I need time to focus. It’s not personal but work just has to get done.

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Kay-Ann Ward

These boots were made to look sexy

23 Apr

From the 1st time I saw miss Keys in these super fly boots, I was like OMG I’m in love..She performed on stage with Hip-Hop super start Jay Z singing the Oh so famous anthem “Empire State of mind” at the Yankee stadium a while back.

Yes the performance was amazing, but it was her boots that got me hooked.

I’m sitting here doing my work and out of no where I remembered how fly her boots were.

These boots are Sexy…and the fact that its purple is an added treat…and then she goes and adds the cute jacket to match the boots…Thats a stylish moment right there.

So I need those boots…:) I’m still thinking about them.

Check them out…this is a Fashion Orgasm…LOL

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Kay-Ann Ward

Lots to lost

21 Apr

Everyone has potential, we just need to believe in ourselves and live up to them, we all have lots, but if we don’t believe and try to cultivate it, lots turn to lost…notice the “S” and “T” switches…


I like this statement here, someone mentioned it to me and I thought it was great.

CN Tower here we come for the 2nd time

19 Apr

The CN Tower climb went down in full effect on April 17th, 2010.

The day got started at 5am…Yes I woke up at 5am; to make sure that myself and the other climbers got to registration for 6am….

CN Tower at 6 something in the morning..

We thought we were going to be part of the very few early birds at the registration. Well boy was I and everyone else wrong.

It seemed like everyone was there with their kids and grand parents…lol

Yes registration was packed

Lucky thing one of our group members got there early and got a spot in the never-ending line, so by the time we got there, he was already by the registration table.

All in all it was a good climb. A great workout and time to spend with some really good people.

  The Climbers…Do you recognize any familiar faces. Check my last climb in October, and you will see the familiar faces..I’m not telling you:)

lol..once again I climbed with my earrings…So I’m giving you all a side view of my earrings, but you can’t see below are the actual earrings I climbed in…:)

Look who we seen…wooohoo leaving the CN Tower we met the super fly yes I was in line to take a picture, how could I not be in line, look how cute he is.

Got to the top of the CN Tower in 24:22…beat my last time which was 26 next time I have to beat 24:22

Thats a wrap folks…good times. Thanks to everyone who came out to climb..Thanks Travoy for coming out to support, you made us all laugh.

 Thanks Helen  (Helen Marie Fitness) For your support.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Next up is the Sporting Life 10km run, which is May 2nd, 2010…LETS GO.

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Kay-Ann Ward

Find something to Celebrate

19 Apr

I’ve been developing my own self talk and mantras to get me through tough days.

You may ask, what tough days…well I’m human and I experience good and bad days.

Being an artist Dancer and Choreographer could be a challenge for many reasons.

However, like I said I love what I do to the core and as of now wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what I do is, I write myself positive quotes, and letters, I write it from myself to myself.

This is one of the many things that I do to keep myself from saying “F**k this shit, I give up”

Lol…I’m serious, it gets tough sometimes, but like I said I love what I do, and because I love what I do, I have to take care of my mind and my soul. So I write myself positive letters.

Something new I’ve started to write is “Find something to celebrate”

If I’m having a bad day, or I’m feeling down, I tell myself “Find something to celebrate” it could be anything.

When I find something to celebrate, my attitude shifts…I put myself in a positive state of mind. I celebrate my health, my friends, my freedom, my talent and the list goes on.

This doesn’t always work, but it works 90% of the time.

Find what works for you; develop your own self talk.

Dance * Live * Inspire

By: Kay-Ann Ward

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Lady O, knows what shes talking about

15 Apr

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.


I love myself but

15 Apr

I love myself but some days I don’t like myself,
is it a bad thing, when I catch myself, despising someone else

I love myself today, but yesterday was a battle
Emotions soared so my tongue went on a violent roll,
Its within me.

 Turmoil and confusion, so I shall seek out my next victim,
It makes me feel good, that I say and do these things to hold u down. Ummm so I like myself today, but I don’t love myself
I see my destruction, but I can’t stop, because I don’t love myself enough to want to stop
I feel powerful when I say your not good enough, I look in the mirror and I feel superior,
A second goes by, my tears seep through, now I’m in deep sorrow, I’m a broken person, I don’t like myself so its hard to love another
I know I’m ugly inside and beautiful on the out, I hide my shallow soul, with things of a colorful nature..

R u me, or am I u
I love myself today, but tomorrow it’s another battle

By Kay-Ann Ward

I wrote this because I wanted to know how it would feel if I put myself in the shoes of someone who constantly puts someone down…don’t know how accurate it is..but, this was how I felt, when I tried to embody that person..

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