I love myself but

15 Apr

I love myself but some days I don’t like myself,
is it a bad thing, when I catch myself, despising someone else

I love myself today, but yesterday was a battle
Emotions soared so my tongue went on a violent roll,
Its within me.

 Turmoil and confusion, so I shall seek out my next victim,
It makes me feel good, that I say and do these things to hold u down. Ummm so I like myself today, but I don’t love myself
I see my destruction, but I can’t stop, because I don’t love myself enough to want to stop
I feel powerful when I say your not good enough, I look in the mirror and I feel superior,
A second goes by, my tears seep through, now I’m in deep sorrow, I’m a broken person, I don’t like myself so its hard to love another
I know I’m ugly inside and beautiful on the out, I hide my shallow soul, with things of a colorful nature..

R u me, or am I u
I love myself today, but tomorrow it’s another battle

By Kay-Ann Ward

I wrote this because I wanted to know how it would feel if I put myself in the shoes of someone who constantly puts someone down…don’t know how accurate it is..but, this was how I felt, when I tried to embody that person..

**Check out the Kay-Anns Kreative Expression Category for more writings and kreative videos**


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