Shut up…..Just let me DANCE

15 Apr

I love what I do to the core…everything about it. The music, the creativity and the freedom…it’s within my blood, my very essence that I need to dance…I don’t know where dance will take me, but I will allow it to take me, I love how it feels, when it takes me….

And though I get pissed the hell off at times with the foolishness that takes place in this industry, I will continue to dance, I will continue to share the gift, I’ve been blessed with because I love it, I love it too much not do it…..

I may break down, when I don’t know the next could be the move of life or the movement of dance… but I will not stop, I will continue to move and I will get there..

I’m not one of anything, I’m not a Hip-Hop Dancer, a Dancehall Dancer, or a Jazz Dancer, for goodness sakes I’m a dancer, I dance, let me dance, I am not an expert on dance, because dance is bigger than me, I don’t want to be an expert… I want to follow the rhythm; I want to live in the beat…

So to all the dancers out there…continue moving…

This is my rant

 my SCREAM….I need to dance….

for goodness sakes let me dance…get out my way


 back off and let me dance…

By: Kay-Ann Ward

**Check out the Kay-Anns Kreative Expression Category for more writings and kreative videos**


One Response to “Shut up…..Just let me DANCE”

  1. T. April 15, 2010 at 5:17 am #

    Let it all out….In the heat of the beat!
    Can’t stop….don’t stop….never stop…Dancing!

    God Bless!

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