CN Tower here we come for the 2nd time

19 Apr

The CN Tower climb went down in full effect on April 17th, 2010.

The day got started at 5am…Yes I woke up at 5am; to make sure that myself and the other climbers got to registration for 6am….

CN Tower at 6 something in the morning..

We thought we were going to be part of the very few early birds at the registration. Well boy was I and everyone else wrong.

It seemed like everyone was there with their kids and grand parents…lol

Yes registration was packed

Lucky thing one of our group members got there early and got a spot in the never-ending line, so by the time we got there, he was already by the registration table.

All in all it was a good climb. A great workout and time to spend with some really good people.

  The Climbers…Do you recognize any familiar faces. Check my last climb in October, and you will see the familiar faces..I’m not telling you:)

lol..once again I climbed with my earrings…So I’m giving you all a side view of my earrings, but you can’t see below are the actual earrings I climbed in…:)

Look who we seen…wooohoo leaving the CN Tower we met the super fly yes I was in line to take a picture, how could I not be in line, look how cute he is.

Got to the top of the CN Tower in 24:22…beat my last time which was 26 next time I have to beat 24:22

Thats a wrap folks…good times. Thanks to everyone who came out to climb..Thanks Travoy for coming out to support, you made us all laugh.

 Thanks Helen  (Helen Marie Fitness) For your support.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Next up is the Sporting Life 10km run, which is May 2nd, 2010…LETS GO.

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Kay-Ann Ward


One Response to “CN Tower here we come for the 2nd time”

  1. T. April 19, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    Awesome stuff! You’re quite the athlete as well as a fantastic dancer!
    Is there anything you can’t do??? lol

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