No interruptions please

23 Apr

We all need time to get work done, and not be distracted.

Now that we have social media, texting, black berry messenger, and emails coming directly to us through our phones,  its easier to get distracted.

Because we get messages delivered through our phones, many and I have to admit myself included feel obligated to attend to them right away.

Or we have family and friends who sometimes demand too much time from us, on matters that could sometimes wait.

Something I find to be helpful is to tell others that you are busy and its important that you have dedicated time to get somethings done.

Ask that they respect this and stand firm by what you say.

Discipline yourself to not attend to every message, and or text that comes through your phone.

We all need time to focus, and focus without interruptions.

So after going through this myself, my solution is I have to manage myself better and communicate with others that I need time to focus. It’s not personal but work just has to get done.

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Kay-Ann Ward


One Response to “No interruptions please”

  1. T April 24, 2010 at 12:50 am #

    So true! It’s hard sometimes to stand firm regarding this…but this is something that successful people have mastered and do on a daily basis.

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