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Jamaica is the land we love

26 May

Many of us have watched the news, seen the pictures of what’s happening right now in Jamaica.

This makes me sad, for many reasons.

The politics, the fighting, the lives at risk and the lives that were lost, but most of all we have this beautiful island with great people who are not close to what’s being portrayed on the news being looked at as ignorant and violent.

So this blog is not to add to the drama that is happening.

This is to salute all of the great Jamaicans who stand for greatness, who stand for living a life of respect, positivity and non-violence.

Stand up, and speak, be great, this beautiful island needs the energy.

“Jamaica is the land we love”



Even fitness trainers have off days

21 May

Yesterday I went to the gym to workout. It was a beautiful day, plus I was super happy that I was getting my workout completed in the morning.

I know and many of us know the importance of working out, and not letting life get in the way of our committment to ourselves.

However we do face challenges, and like everyone else I have challenges when it comes to working out.

My challenge yesterday was, I felt laaaazzzzzy…lol..yes I felt like a large potato who didn’t want to move…but I got my mind together and went to the gym, I knew once I got started, things will get better…but that wasn’t so..the entire workout was a challenge. I completed it, and I felt mighty good about it, but overall it was challenging. It was challenging because, all I wanted to do was enjoy the day, and the workout itself was tough.

But overall I completed it, I was committed in making sure I didn’t give myself lame excuses to skip my workout. But I understand that we all have these days, we have days when our energy and positive attitude could fill the world, and we have days when its a challenge, and its on those days we have to refer back to why we are doing this. Like I said I felt good about completing the workout, especially because a part of me wanted to skip it.

So acknowledge that these feelings do come on, even fitness trainers and top athletes experience off days..but stay comitted..and push through.

We are not perfect, but we have choices…and its our choices that will keep us on the right path and lead us to a journey of healthy living.


Choreograph your life

21 May

**Dance Hub**

“Dance is life, life is a dance, so choreograph your routine”

This short statement came to me yesterday, and I thought wow, that’s exactly how it is living as a dancer and or choreographer. We love what we do, and we do what we do because we love it, however to get ahead, sitting down is not going to get us anywhere. So we must choreograph our routine. The routine is our dance life. We must create the choreography the way we want it. Which means we must create our lives the way we want it. Like I said before, dancing is empowerment, it touches and saves lives. It goes beyond dance moves.

So keep that in mind, and choreograph your life, we are creative beings, we could do that. We could create opportunities for ourselves.

Dance * Live * Inspire


New Toronto Dancehall Reggae classes

19 May
I have some great news..
Toronto Dancehall Reggae classes are back.
After receiving many emails from you, asking me about Dancehall Reggae and when it will start again.
I’ve decided to offer 4 new classes in June.
So take advantage of these amazing classes, tell your friends, and come dance with me.
Starting June 8th, 2010.
I’ve also added a new BONUS..Purchase the 4 class session before June 1st, 2010 and pay $40 instead of $48 for the full session.
Now that’s a great way to start off your summer.
I have a list of new songs to choreograph to. I cant wait to get in the studio and sweat up the place with you all.
Pure excitement and Energy.
Tuesdays June 8th, 2010 to June 29th, 2010
$48.00 for the full session
$13.00 for the drop-in
Like I said take advantage of the bonus deal and SAVE
Location: Elevation Dancentre
979 Bloor Street West
To register email
Payments could be made via email money transfer or email me for other payment options.
These classes are only being offered in June so come out and enjoy.
I cant wait. See you all soon.

Dance without regrets

17 May

**Dance Hub**

The power of movement is amazing…DON’T for a second think that your just a dancer, who could do dance moves.

You’re an instrument. You’re more than a back up dancer; you’re more than “JUST”

Dancing is a special gift and a worthy career just like being a doctor.

 It touches lives,and it saves lives.

For those who don’t understand it, try to educate them. But don’t be discouraged by their ignorance.

Being a dancer is empowering. So empower yourself and dance, dance full-out, dance with integrity. Dance without shame and regret.

Dance * Live * Inspire


A positive morning ritual gets the energy flowing

17 May

We all have morning rituals, some of them we do because we were taught to do. Like brushing our teeth, washing our face etc. Some people for no reason at all turn on the T.V, not to watch it, but because it’s a habit, some people have to check their emails, look out the window, talk to a particular person, and the list goes on.

However do you have daily rituals or habits that puts you on a path for a successful day. It could be working out in the morning, meditating,  writing out your goals (even if you know them already) it could be reviewing your goals, having a 5 minutes prep talk with your mentor, reading a positive quote, reading positive affirmations, writing your own positive affirmations. This list goes on. I hope you get my drift.

Somethings we do out of habit, because we were taught to do, so we don’t think about it. Somethings we do, because it’s just a bad habit and needs to be replaced by a good one. And others we have to work at.

So try something new the next time you wake up. Develop a habit of getting your energy flowing in the right direction. Try to replace the T.V watching for reading or writing your goals.

It may be a challenge but with dedication it becomes a habit, and a good one, that lifts your spirits every morning. Trust me its worth it and makes a big difference.

Rapper T.I shares some knowledge with Larry King

17 May

I was watching Larry King Live on CNN.  He was interviewing rapper T.I.

They talked about many things including T.I’s year long jail sentence that he served and has now completed.

T.I shared a short quote that I liked and thought was fitting to share with you.

He said “The only way to lose for sure is to quit”

Well said T.I, well said.

So whatever your goal is, financial, fitness, wellness, professional, and or personal, don’t quit.

And who said you couldn’t learn something from Hip-Hop….”Whatever”

All in all it was a great interview..if you missed it, then no worries, it will probably air again on CNN, or even better find the interview on YouTube. Just search T.I on Larry King Live.

To get you started here is video one, from the hour long interview. CLICK HERE

What could we give?

14 May

“We don’t have to have much to give”

Someone said this today, and it stayed with me. It was simple, I already know this and believe this, but for some reason when they said this statement it felt different, it was powerful. So I wanted to share it with you.


Dress for Success..

14 May

 Dress for success, it makes us happy when we like what we have on..when we are happy we get better results out of life.

YES I believe that statement, I do believe that we should dress to succeed. But we don’t have to kill our pockets trying to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Dressing for success in my definition does not mean dressing to please. It also does not mean dressing up all the time.

It definitely doesn’t mean, buying the latest hoop law, to fill a void in my life

For me it means taking care of myself and wearing clothes I like, and adds to my personality.

It means putting yourself first and saying you know what, I’m going to dress for me, this top, or pants looks fly and helps my mood, so I’m going to wear it.

I believe our personality and who we are makes the clothes, the clothes helps bring out a certain sparkle in us.

But the clothes should never make us who we are, it’s a material.

Dress for Success and Success is a factor in happiness….in my definition.

What makes me happy is doing what I love, so when I’m able to wear clothing that goes hand in hand with that, then I’m pretty cool I’m pretty happy.

Find clothing that makes you happy and brings out the best you, and wear it.


What’s the next move

12 May

I sit here just a little frustrated…Frustrated because I’m thinking of the next move…

What is my next move?  ummm I guess it’s not to move…which is funny cause I’m all about making moves, I was born to move, and moving forward is a good thing right.

Well yes it is, but at this time, I cherish silence, I cherish prayer and I cherish this very place, because I will remember this place…This place is a place of the unknown, a place where I’m in one place, not moving and watching the world as it moves around me. Yet there is so much I know, I know what I love to do, and I know that I want to do it..but I don’t know how it will come about.

I know that, I can’t continue to be over looked by a city that I care for, yet at times I feel does not care for me, or maybe it has no room or understanding for those who want more out of this.

I’ve listened to my peers, and it seems like this unknown is not an isolated feeling, yet many choose to deal with it alone.

For me its simple, my blood is boiling, its boiling from a passion that’s so strong I can’t ignore it.

Is it New York, is it L.A, is it Europe, where is it, is it Toronto, who knows…But not moving for a while, will allow me to make the move that will help me move forward.

 And if you ask me, if I’m ready…The answer is “I’m ready”