Creative Outlet

4 May

I think we all need a creative outlet, a place of exploration, a place of no boundaries and no restrictions…we could say fuck you, without offense being taken, show a nipple or two, without it being a topic of discussion. A place for the true self to roam, without it being condemned, a place where art is art, a place where the truth is not a question, but its put up for realization..

For me this place of creative outlet, is my truest and deepest expression
its in my blood, my very essence, like a friging drug, I need it, I need it to stay awake, to live, it sucks me dry until I take it from within and turn it into a physical being.
I’m just saying…get your dose, its addicting and the greatest feeling. High off something that’s made from within. High off creativity it’s the best drug, but don’t take it from me. Start living from within, then you will start to feel me 🙂

***Kay-Ann Kreative Expression, Blog category***



One Response to “Creative Outlet”

  1. T May 4, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    This is so true Kay-Ann! You are wise beyond your years!

    We have everything we need inside of us….everything is already there…we just have to learn to cultivate it.

    Where we are in life….how we live and who we are on the outside is a mirror image of who we are on the inside.

    So if you want to make changes in your life….it always starts from within.

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