Dress for Success..

14 May

 Dress for success, it makes us happy when we like what we have on..when we are happy we get better results out of life.

YES I believe that statement, I do believe that we should dress to succeed. But we don’t have to kill our pockets trying to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Dressing for success in my definition does not mean dressing to please. It also does not mean dressing up all the time.

It definitely doesn’t mean, buying the latest hoop law, to fill a void in my life

For me it means taking care of myself and wearing clothes I like, and adds to my personality.

It means putting yourself first and saying you know what, I’m going to dress for me, this top, or pants looks fly and helps my mood, so I’m going to wear it.

I believe our personality and who we are makes the clothes, the clothes helps bring out a certain sparkle in us.

But the clothes should never make us who we are, it’s a material.

Dress for Success and Success is a factor in happiness….in my definition.

What makes me happy is doing what I love, so when I’m able to wear clothing that goes hand in hand with that, then I’m pretty cool I’m pretty happy.

Find clothing that makes you happy and brings out the best you, and wear it.



One Response to “Dress for Success..”

  1. dancewear May 15, 2010 at 4:15 am #

    Dress for Success and Success is a factor in happiness-i agree that

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