A positive morning ritual gets the energy flowing

17 May

We all have morning rituals, some of them we do because we were taught to do. Like brushing our teeth, washing our face etc. Some people for no reason at all turn on the T.V, not to watch it, but because it’s a habit, some people have to check their emails, look out the window, talk to a particular person, and the list goes on.

However do you have daily rituals or habits that puts you on a path for a successful day. It could be working out in the morning, meditating,  writing out your goals (even if you know them already) it could be reviewing your goals, having a 5 minutes prep talk with your mentor, reading a positive quote, reading positive affirmations, writing your own positive affirmations. This list goes on. I hope you get my drift.

Somethings we do out of habit, because we were taught to do, so we don’t think about it. Somethings we do, because it’s just a bad habit and needs to be replaced by a good one. And others we have to work at.

So try something new the next time you wake up. Develop a habit of getting your energy flowing in the right direction. Try to replace the T.V watching for reading or writing your goals.

It may be a challenge but with dedication it becomes a habit, and a good one, that lifts your spirits every morning. Trust me its worth it and makes a big difference.


One Response to “A positive morning ritual gets the energy flowing”

  1. T. May 26, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    This is definitely something that I needed to hear. I really need a set…positive routine to start my day.
    Thanks again….I really needed to hear this.



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