Even fitness trainers have off days

21 May

Yesterday I went to the gym to workout. It was a beautiful day, plus I was super happy that I was getting my workout completed in the morning.

I know and many of us know the importance of working out, and not letting life get in the way of our committment to ourselves.

However we do face challenges, and like everyone else I have challenges when it comes to working out.

My challenge yesterday was, I felt laaaazzzzzy…lol..yes I felt like a large potato who didn’t want to move…but I got my mind together and went to the gym, I knew once I got started, things will get better…but that wasn’t so..the entire workout was a challenge. I completed it, and I felt mighty good about it, but overall it was challenging. It was challenging because, all I wanted to do was enjoy the day, and the workout itself was tough.

But overall I completed it, I was committed in making sure I didn’t give myself lame excuses to skip my workout. But I understand that we all have these days, we have days when our energy and positive attitude could fill the world, and we have days when its a challenge, and its on those days we have to refer back to why we are doing this. Like I said I felt good about completing the workout, especially because a part of me wanted to skip it.

So acknowledge that these feelings do come on, even fitness trainers and top athletes experience off days..but stay comitted..and push through.

We are not perfect, but we have choices…and its our choices that will keep us on the right path and lead us to a journey of healthy living.



One Response to “Even fitness trainers have off days”

  1. T. May 26, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    Awesome stuff! Congrats on pushing through! We ourselves can at times be our own stumbling blocks.

    We all have choices….and what we do with them dictates how well we live….and how enjoyable our lives will be.

    You speak the REAL TRUTH Kay-Ann Ward…..don’t stop!!!!!



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