Now is a good time

16 Jun

How do you know when your ready?

I’ve come to realize that majority of the time, we don’t know. We just have to trust or vision, and faith and go for it..

As scary as it may seem we just have to make that move.

Depending on what we want to achieve, some steps make us feel like we are kids again..with that deep and fear full feeling, just sitting in the pit of our stomach.

Everyone is different, and the way we deal with the unknown is up to you.

Try not to let fear hold you back. Go ahead and do it..the time is often NOW

Plus the minute we overcome something and we feel like we are comfortable, something else presents itself, either a challenge or an idea that requires us to, believe in our abilities.

So some days we will know when we are ready, and the rest and majority of the time, we just have to do it NOW.


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