What are you passionate about

4 Jul

What are you passionate about?

What drives you?

For me its the freedom to create, it could be through writing, through dancing, the way I dress, it could be a topic that’s very touchy, but it all comes from that place DEEP within my core.

The word passion is used a lot, it could be cliché, but you know what its very fitting, because it explains that fire that many of us feel when we are doing exactly what we love to do, it’s a burning desire, a sensation that could only be understood if you have felt it too.

I’m passionate about life and what it has to offer, I’m passionate about standing up tall, when many want to suffocate my essence.

Find what your passionate about and live it.

If your passionate about more than one thing then embrace all of it.

That’s my thought for July, whatever it is your passionate about,  live, eat, breathe  and sleep all of it.


2 Responses to “What are you passionate about”

  1. Nikki July 6, 2010 at 4:27 am #

    I loved this… what a great, yet simple question. Thanks for sharing – bookmarked to share further.
    Nikki 🙂

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