A habit, I never knew I had

16 Jul

Today a light went off in my head and I realized, I have a habit, I didn’t know I had.

Whats the habit?

I realized that before I start working on any given project, I like to read articles, quotes and search the internet for information on successful business women..No joke..I’m not lying.

How did I realize this?

I was searching Kimora Lee Simmons website and I came across an article about her daily life from 9-5. She said that she likes to read certain magazines everyday. Then it set off a switch in my mind. That’s when I realized what I was doing. I realized that I was surfing the net and reading about women who are doing well for themselves. And I also notice that I was doing this before I started a major task. Then I back tracked and realized that I do this 95% of the time before I start doing something.

I like this habit, its one that inspires me to learn, and be all that I can be, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Kay-Ann Ward


One Response to “A habit, I never knew I had”

  1. T July 16, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    That’s a great practice to have! I think many successful people do this as well! Good for you!

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