Educating Non Dancers

1 Aug

If we want others to respect the art and business of dance, one of the best things we could do is educate them so that they know, how to treat us, and what is expected in the industry.

If we as dancers want to be respected and taken seriously for our craft we really have to be wise at what we do. Explain to artists and event bookers why certain things need to be put in place.

Take what you do seriously and walk away from situations that jeopardize and oppress dancers.

That’s my take, and my opinion…If educating someone means speaking up when others don’t then that’s something that needs to be done, love and respect what you do enough to take a stand for it.

It’s easy for non dancers to assume something because of what they see. As dancers and choreographers, that’s when we could say yes or no, and educate them.

We can’t control others, however we could let others know how to treat us, by showing them, and telling them.

I love and appreciate dance so much that it drives me crazy when individuals make decisions based off of greed, and quick opportunities, that brings down the foundation of the art and business of dance..But this is something I have to work on..because I will go insane if I continue to let this bother me.

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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