3 very ugly personality traits

26 Aug

Have you ever worked with someone who took absolutely no responsibility for their behaviour and or actions…

If not, then I have to say I hope you stay in that world, because that world is alot better than their world.

Then to add to that, working with someone who has a bad attitude and an ego larger than life…oooooooh I’m gringing just thinking about it.

I’ve had the pleasure and I say this with the up most sarcasm of working with such a being with all three traits.

It was quite the experience. I learned in more ways than one, the importance of respect and a humble heart.

I also learned about myself, my tolerance level and how important it is to stick to my values and professionalism.

There are situations that rise, when we could walk away from such a sour personality, and in other cases it seems like we cant because of life situations. So what do you do?

I’m open to suggestions, let me know what is your method of working with someone that has all three or just one of those traits.

Let me kindly list them again

  • Take no responsibilty
  • Bad attitude
  • A large than life ego

My answer to that question

Know what your goals and values are, if working with such a personality trait is worth it for you then do you, if not then do you.

I value respect, and I can’t stand a bad attitude, egos are fine its when the ego starts to lift the individual off the planet earth and turn them into a gas balloon filled with stank air and no substance.

It doesnt matter who you are, what you do, and what accomplisments you think you have made or have made, treating someone without respect is not acceptable. When we allow others to direspect us we allow them to think its ok.

Not taking responsibilty for your actions is not a very mature thing to do. It shows a very selfish way of thinking and living.

We train others how we want them to treat us, and I keep that in my mind all the time, especially after dealing with such an unearthly monster of a being…lol..I’m sorry please forgive me, but sometimes honesty is needed to get the point across.

Kay-Ann Ward


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