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Lady Bold featured Sexy Dance workshop

28 Sep

I’m excited, yes I’m excited once again..I will be teaching two great workshops this month. One of the workshops I will be teaching is a special featured workshop.

This is a Lady Bold dance workshop

Lady Bold is an all female performance collective, fusing Fashion, Music, Dance and Art, to create one of a kind sexy, entertaining, and energetic performances. This workshop is for the ladies only, sorry guys, your soooo not invited.

This a special Halloween treat….This RED HOT, sizzling, and oooh so sexy dance workshop will have you ladies revealing a side of you that is confident, courageous, spontaneous, and yes its all done in the sexiest and classiest way possible.

Lady Bold is all about confidence and letting our creative energy command the dance floor.

Tell your friends because this one is not to be missed….More information to come

Dancehall Sweat

I taught Dancehall Sweat a while ago, and the energy was amazing, its only fitting that I teach this workshop again.

Date: Friday October 15th

Time: 7pm-9pm


Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


What I’m reading? Eat Pray Love

27 Sep

Yes I finally got my hands on this book, and so far so good. I’ve decided to indulge myself with some reading, which feels great. I’m not reading a business book, or a Self Development book (Well Eat Pray Love is kind of like a self-development or self-reflection type of book). Even though this book offers some insightful things, its more for pleasure. Its more to read for the enjoyment of reading and exploring.

I could relate to her journey in a very simple way (Mine is not as drastic and or dramatic) I’m eating great food everyday, trying new food from different cultures and keeping an open mind about what it is to make and eat food with could actually taste the difference when food is made out of love, it taste that much more better.  As for Pray, it’s a constant journey, some days I’m like yes I got this praying thing down, and some days I’m like, “OK so clearly my prayer was not heard, or OK I’ll just continue to pray because life feels better this way” plus I can’t always try to rush the process, my prayer is always heard, I just need to chill out, relax, have faith and believe.

I have no plans to go to all the destinations that she has mentioned in her book any time soon, though it will be nice to, they all sound pretty amazing. I do plan on travelling, there is plenty out there to see and do and I believe it’s a must that we enjoy life and experience all that it has to offer. In terms of love, well I’m thankful for all the great family and friends I have in my life, I have no complaints about the great relationships I have, I’m truly blessed.

All in all, I’m enjoying the book, it’s a simple yet nice treat. Do I plan on seeing the movie?…I’m in no rush..I will probably wait until it comes out on DVD, then watch it at home, chilling in my jogging pants type of vibe and movie night:) I think I will enjoy it better that way, than to watch it in the theatre.

If your reading the book, or have read the book, share your thoughts..but don’t tell me about the movie as yet…:)

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

Whats real dance?

22 Sep

I just read this comment

“Lets show the world what real dance is about”

And I thought to myself, what is real dance, how do you know what real dance is, and who are you or anyone to tell someone what real dance is.

There are cultures that if we told them we take dance classes, they will probably laugh at us, or think we are crazy. Because they would say, but why, dance comes from your soul, its how you feel, its how your body moves to the music, the drums, the chants, etc. Why would you take a dance class to learn how to dance. There’s a dance for happiness, sadness, death. Matter of fact there are dances for every occasion. So as random as a movement may appear it’s still dance.

And to add to that, we live in a culture, well I’m speaking for myself here, I live in a culture where dance is often seen as a right way and wrong way of moving.

I understand the importance of training the body to develop proper form and technique for a particular dance style.

However when it comes to dance, I think it’s too big to categorize as “Lets show the world what real dance is about.”

 I’m not going to battle with what this person said, they have their reasoning.

But it’s not up to me to determine if someone could dance or not…

Everyone could dance, but not everyone dances the way we want them to. The goal is to find those who move the way we want them to. (If we are talking about choreography)

Turn on your radio, or play your iPod/mp3 and dance, who cares what people say, just dance.

Quite frankly people, including myself will always have something to say…So just dance

 Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

So Whats Kay-Ann up to?

22 Sep

Hello to all the amazing individuals who come back and read my blog…thank you for being  interested in what I have to say, or maybe you just stumbled upon my blog by accident and stayed or maybe your gone by the time you’re at this sentence…either way thank you for stopping by and reading.

Thank you to all who continue to leave comments after reading a post. I appreciate your messages.

I won’t babble on forever I’ll keep this to the point.

Question: What have I been up to lately, what’s going on with classes workshops, performances etc.?

Answer: I’m doing well.

I’ve decided to take a little break, which is hard for me to say and do, because I love to work, I love what I do, and even when I take a break I find myself working away on new ideas and plotting how to bring these ideas to live.

But I need this break. I took some projects and classes off my schedule, because I need to be inspired, I need my soul to rest, and to live for a bit.

So with that said I’ve decided to continue teaching Sweat B4 U Sweat every Tuesday. I will teach a variety of dance workshops on occasion.

And I will perform on occasion, not as much as before.

No I’m not stopping; I’m just refuelling my soul, getting inspired, praying, spending time with my creativity and exploring art. I’m also allowing myself to learn more. I’ll be taking some courses to upgrade my social services worker background, some fitness courses, and doing things  to grow as a person, artist, and professional.

I believe that we need to take a break sometimes, pray, and get connected to what’s deep inside of us. And I believe  this is one of those time for me.

I will get back when my soul feels that it’s ready, when it’s creatively ready, when it’s energized and when it’s ready to take on the next step.

What brought me to this decision: I felt I needed to step away, what brought me pleasure in the arts was upsetting me, things started to feel like a chore and overall I needed to get inspired and refuel.

But I will say this again, I’m still doing what I love to do. I’m just not doing as much as before, everything will resume naturally or when I feel that its time. And yes I will continue to blog, and tweet.:)

I have to say, I could have continued working full pace however, it’s not fair to myself or to those who come to my classes and performances.

So I hope you all understand, as much as I love teaching and performing, I also value personal and professional growth. And because I value this and teach this on a regular basis I must practice what I preach.

You’re all amazing

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

A humble soul

10 Sep

Could we say COCKY, or is there such a thing as OVERLY CONFIDENT…hmmmm

I’m all for a confident attitude, however there is a line, that line for me is, to shut up, and stop talking about how great you are. There is only so much we could tolerate.

Being humble is amazing; we could carry self-confidence with the most style and grace, it’s more pleasant, and allows others to want to be around us. A cocky attitude that’s on repeat, suffocates the people around us, it pushes even the strongest and hardest individuals away.

As a dancer, confidence is key, confidence tells others that we are comfortable with what we are doing, our talent, it gives us edge and makes us stand out. Choreographers and other dancers like that. But the big turn off comes, when dancers get so caught up, that it becomes hard for their peers to stomach.  What’s worse is when it starts to affect the working relationship between choreographers, agents and dancers.

Just remember you want to be hired for future jobs, you want to start and maintain good working relationships, and to do that, you have to allow others to feel comfortable around you. Talking about how great you are, and the never ending antics that come with this cocky attitude is not the best way to do it.

 I always enjoy working with confident individuals who remain humble.

 This is my opinion, what do you think.

 Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

Preparation for the new season

6 Sep

Happy Labour all the amazing and hard-working individuals out there.

For many September is the month that seems like all great things come to an end, and hibernation starts. It also seems like the energy in the city dies down, the bright summer colors come to a rest, the excitement that was, is no longer and we are now getting ready for the months to come.

I’m not a fan, of cold weather, no not at all, and when September rolls in, I’m like…. Darn it….

However I’m a big fan, of all the amazing colors that strike up during the fall season. And yes I love the clothes, the thick sweaters and sexy boots.

Because I know I’m not a fan of my days getting darker as soon as 5pm rolls in, I have to make sure I equip myself with all that’s needed to make me feel good during fall and winter season.

For me, I love being around good friends and family, my workout is extremely important. I could tell the difference between the Kay-Ann that works out every week, and the Kay-Ann that skips her workout. The gap in between is huge and not pleasant.

The older I get the more me time I need. Yes I need it, and I’m not afraid to tell the people around me, that I need it, back off, and let me be. I’m learning to put my cell phone on silent, and do me. Go to the mall, book store, or stroll the streets of Toronto while being inspired by the diversity of the city.

If you’re a summer bug like me, then its important that you set yourself up for the fall and winter season. If you’re the type that loves the fall and winter season, then your good to go, however its never a bad thing to check your schedule and make sure, you have your friends and family time, workout time, and your alone time.

 Happy September

Kay-Ann Ward

Love this Quote

2 Sep

  Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm … As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn