Preparation for the new season

6 Sep

Happy Labour all the amazing and hard-working individuals out there.

For many September is the month that seems like all great things come to an end, and hibernation starts. It also seems like the energy in the city dies down, the bright summer colors come to a rest, the excitement that was, is no longer and we are now getting ready for the months to come.

I’m not a fan, of cold weather, no not at all, and when September rolls in, I’m like…. Darn it….

However I’m a big fan, of all the amazing colors that strike up during the fall season. And yes I love the clothes, the thick sweaters and sexy boots.

Because I know I’m not a fan of my days getting darker as soon as 5pm rolls in, I have to make sure I equip myself with all that’s needed to make me feel good during fall and winter season.

For me, I love being around good friends and family, my workout is extremely important. I could tell the difference between the Kay-Ann that works out every week, and the Kay-Ann that skips her workout. The gap in between is huge and not pleasant.

The older I get the more me time I need. Yes I need it, and I’m not afraid to tell the people around me, that I need it, back off, and let me be. I’m learning to put my cell phone on silent, and do me. Go to the mall, book store, or stroll the streets of Toronto while being inspired by the diversity of the city.

If you’re a summer bug like me, then its important that you set yourself up for the fall and winter season. If you’re the type that loves the fall and winter season, then your good to go, however its never a bad thing to check your schedule and make sure, you have your friends and family time, workout time, and your alone time.

 Happy September

Kay-Ann Ward


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