A humble soul

10 Sep

Could we say COCKY, or is there such a thing as OVERLY CONFIDENT…hmmmm

I’m all for a confident attitude, however there is a line, that line for me is, to shut up, and stop talking about how great you are. There is only so much we could tolerate.

Being humble is amazing; we could carry self-confidence with the most style and grace, it’s more pleasant, and allows others to want to be around us. A cocky attitude that’s on repeat, suffocates the people around us, it pushes even the strongest and hardest individuals away.

As a dancer, confidence is key, confidence tells others that we are comfortable with what we are doing, our talent, it gives us edge and makes us stand out. Choreographers and other dancers like that. But the big turn off comes, when dancers get so caught up, that it becomes hard for their peers to stomach.  What’s worse is when it starts to affect the working relationship between choreographers, agents and dancers.

Just remember you want to be hired for future jobs, you want to start and maintain good working relationships, and to do that, you have to allow others to feel comfortable around you. Talking about how great you are, and the never ending antics that come with this cocky attitude is not the best way to do it.

 I always enjoy working with confident individuals who remain humble.

 This is my opinion, what do you think.

 Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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