Whats real dance?

22 Sep

I just read this comment

“Lets show the world what real dance is about”

And I thought to myself, what is real dance, how do you know what real dance is, and who are you or anyone to tell someone what real dance is.

There are cultures that if we told them we take dance classes, they will probably laugh at us, or think we are crazy. Because they would say, but why, dance comes from your soul, its how you feel, its how your body moves to the music, the drums, the chants, etc. Why would you take a dance class to learn how to dance. There’s a dance for happiness, sadness, death. Matter of fact there are dances for every occasion. So as random as a movement may appear it’s still dance.

And to add to that, we live in a culture, well I’m speaking for myself here, I live in a culture where dance is often seen as a right way and wrong way of moving.

I understand the importance of training the body to develop proper form and technique for a particular dance style.

However when it comes to dance, I think it’s too big to categorize as “Lets show the world what real dance is about.”

 I’m not going to battle with what this person said, they have their reasoning.

But it’s not up to me to determine if someone could dance or not…

Everyone could dance, but not everyone dances the way we want them to. The goal is to find those who move the way we want them to. (If we are talking about choreography)

Turn on your radio, or play your iPod/mp3 and dance, who cares what people say, just dance.

Quite frankly people, including myself will always have something to say…So just dance

 Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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