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Teacher shares her love for Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout

25 Oct

I received this message from a regular participant a while ago. I wanted to share this message, shes amazing, and I’m glad she attends and gives the workout her all.

“Sweat B4 U Sweat is a fantastic class that helps you get fit in a sensual and innovative way.  It really activates and strengthens your core with the concave and convex shapes you make through dancing and with all the ‘down low’ stuff, it’s better for your quads than a wallsit! 

It combines the vigor and rigor of a high-intensity aerobic workout but gives you a cerebral workout as well, as you try to incorporate the choreography into the body moves.  The music gets into your soul and I always leave class, even after a tough day at work, with the endorphins and dopamine in high gear.” Jennifer Wilson


Are you a kid in the Candy Store?

25 Oct

I suffer from “The kid in the Candy store syndrome”

I had a really good conversation with a close friend of mine, and I had a cloud clearing moment.

And I think many artist, dreamers, ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs could relate to this one.

Here it is….I (we) want to do too many things at once. Yes you know the little kid who walks into the candy store with eyes wide open, is in absolute amazement at all the wonderful and colorful candy they could have, yes this is quite exciting. But they can’t have all that candy. But whats worse to this kid, is they can’t decide on which candy to choose, because they want all of them right now, or they have too many favorites to choose from.

Could you relate to this. I know I mind is forever thinking of ideas and creative ventures. But its hard to choose just one project to work on, I want to work on all of them.

The frustration then comes from being indecisive

Do you get me, I know many artist and entrepreneurs who could relate to this. They are creative, and excited from this creative rush, but its tiring when we are not able to narrow down what we want to work on at a particular time.

Whats the solution?

 Well think of what your mother or father would say to you while you’re in the candy store. You have to choose one or two can’t choose all, and if you can’t choose, you get none. If you choose all of them you may get sick trying to eat all of them. Well same rule applies. Narrow down what you could take on at this immediate time, accomplish that project then move on to the next. If you try to complete everything at once, then chances are burn out is waiting for you around the corner, and your idea may not be brought to life the way you visioned it to be because your time was spent on managing and taking care of way too many things.

I’ve come to recognize my creative and excited child like behaviour, so for me, I have to keep myself in check. It’s a progress but one that is worth my personal development, and believe me its a work in progress one that makes me laugh and one that makes me shake my head with frustration at times, but overall I love being a creative mess, I just need to clean up before the mess takes over my life.

Kay-Ann Ward

Leave the past in the past

17 Oct

“Though we can’t go back and change the past, we do have the ability to decide now, that we can contribute to the creation of our future.”

I’ve made many big and little mistakes (yes this is true, I am not perfect) More than just mistakes I’ve created positive and negative experiences with in my life. And the great part about all this is that I’ve learned from everything. And I’ve decided its best for me to continue to create what makes me happy, what gives me the most satisfaction.

An experience does not make you who you are, a situation does not make you who you are, someone does not make you who you are.

If your stuck in the past, then look at now, if now does not look good to you, start to dream of something better, then start to create what is better.

Once again I will say

“Though we can’t go back and change the past, we do have the ability to decide now, that we can contribute to the creation of our future.”

And what we create is our choice.

What is Lady Bold about?

11 Oct

Lady Bold

An all Ladies Dance and Performance Collective

“Creatively Sexy, Intelligent and Classy, yet Daring, Entertaining and Artistically Intriguing”

 I’m so excited about this new beginning.
Dance and Life has given me so much and throughout this time I’ve learned so much.
I’ve always had this idea to create an all female dance and performance collective that embraced everything I’ve come to learn about myself and the amazing women and dancers I meet everyday.
As a dancer I’ve come to learn and embrace the many sides of my personality.  The side that loves costumes, dressing up and being daring (Fashion) The side that embraces what my body is able to do when it hears rhythms and beats, the way our body moves sensually and energetically (Dance) the side that loves rhythms and beats from all over the world (Music) The side that loves to express myself and be creative (Art) with all these sides, I strongly believe that life is a blank canvass and ready for us to be Bold and paint all over it.
As dancers, I want us to embrace all of this. Embrace the creative side, the sexy side, the daring side, the fashionista in us, and the rhythm in us. We are able to do this and not hold back, not be ashamed, not shy away from any of it.
That’s why I created Lady Bold. Lady bold fuses Fashion, Dance, Music and Art to create performances that are sexy, daring, entertaining and breath-taking. All while staying true to artistic freedom; every thing is done with the most style, creativity and sophistication.
As a dancer it feels good to get up, put on my heels and dance sexy, it also feels good to put on my running shoes and dance as hard as I want, dancing barefoot doesn’t hurt. It feels amazing to get connected on that level, and saying oh ya, I like this bathing suit I want to wear it, or I like this costume even if you don’t.
No we don’t have to say “Oh but I only dance to hardcore Hip-Hop because dancing Sexy is not as respected”…that’s old news.

Dance, how you want, dress how you want. And own every bit of it.
This is what Lady Bold stands for. Creatively Sexy, Intelligent and Classy, yet Daring, Entertaining and Artistically Intriguing

I’m asking all ladies to embrace all that is creative about them get on the dance floor and ignite the fire within. It’s more than just one thing. Its embracing all that we are, owning it, and letting the world feel the fire that’s with us.

I’m inviting all female Dancers and those who are looking for a sexier and edgier way to hit the dance floor. This workshop is one not to be missed. It’s the start of something, which means and stands for everything that is truly BOLD


Lady Bold

“Fire on the Dance Floor”
October 29th 2010


Elevation Dancentre

979 Bloor Street West

Happy Thanksgiving

9 Oct

Happy Thanksgiving…Enjoy all that it has to offer.

On a side note, make sure you attend Sweat B4 U Sweat Dance Workout on Tuesday October 12th, 2010, with all the holiday feasting that I know many of us will take part in, we definitely need to burn off those calories.

So come out and Dance, work up a serious sweat, tone your muscles and get back on track. See you soon.

Enjoy your weekend.


Being concious of now

8 Oct

Mindfulness Also known as living consciously…

I’ve thought about these two powerful words a lot of lately.

These two words mean a lot and they stand for much more than we give them credit for.

To be mindful and conscious is to live in the now, to pay attention to now, to feel now, to be present now

To practice being mindful and conscious, I’ve started to ask myself this question “What are you doing now?  Where are you now? How do you feel now? etc” The point of me doing this is to allow myself to focus on what’s going on inside of me, to pay attention to my surroundings, to know how I’m feeling at that present time and to connect with me.”

Example:  I ask myself “what are you doing now?” ( may sound silly but it works)

“I’m eating” then I ask “what are you eating”…..“Rice and chicken”….“How does it taste”….“It taste really good”…“Why does it taste good”…“Because I like the tenderness of the chicken, its warm, and I appreciate the fact that it’s cooked just for me.”

Or “What’s wrong?” (Many could relate to this one)

“I’m pissed off”

“Why you so pissed off?”

“I’m not having a good day, I’m tired and nothing is working for me”

“What’s not working for you?”

“Life is not working for me right now”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to carry on with my day”

“Are you going to carry on and sulk all day?”

“Though I want to sulk I can’t because sulking is doing nothing for me”

“So what are you going to do to fix your attitude, because you can’t fix what’s on the outside?”

 I hope you get my drift, after asking myself a question, I ask myself probing questions, to get more connected to what it is I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

That way I’m not just doing, just to do, but doing because it’s a choice and one that I’ve consciously made.

This exercise also allows me to catch myself if I’m doing something that’s negative or harmful.

No I don’t do this all the time, however I try to do this as much as possible

Overall the goal is to live now, and be in now, appreciate now, love now, because now is where we are. Not the past and not the future. I ask myself these questions because like talking to someone in order to get to know them and understand them we ask them questions, well it’s the same, to get to know yourself, its good to ask yourself questions that allow you to be present and take ownership of what’s taking place in your life right now.

Kay-Ann Ward

2010 Manifesto

4 Oct

The 2010 Manifesto wrapped up at Dundas Square filled with musicians, fashionistas and Mistas, painters and the list goes on.

This year I had the pleasure of dancing and choreographing for Masia One, a talented female MC..I have so much love and respect for this young Women, she is truly amazing.

Here are some pictures of the performance

Special Thanks to Latoya Robinson, Pam, Frost and the entire team…Lets keep the dream alive.

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward

2 NEW Workshops in October

4 Oct

Workshop # 1

Dancehall Reggae Workshop

***Dancehall Sweat*** is back

If you love Dancehall music, this is where you need to be.
This workshop is an intermediate dance workshop for those who love dancehall reggae. Its energetic, and sexy, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Open to all who want to enjoy a great Dancehall Vibe.

Dancehall Sweat took place a few months ago, it was packed, plus the energy and feed back was amazing.

Make sure I see you there.

Date: Friday October 15th, 2010
Time: 7pm-9pm
Cost: $20 (Special offer for Everyone)

Location: Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor street west

To register email
Payments could be made to via email money transfer or paypal.

Visit for more information



Workshop # 2

A Sexy, Energetic, Classy and Sophisticated Dance Workshop for the ladies

Ladies, I’m calling you out to try a new and spicey dance class.

A Lady Bold dance workshop

Its sensual, its risky, its playful and most of all its for you and only you.

Lady Bold is an all NEW female dance and performance collective founded by Choreographer and Dancer Kay-Ann Ward

Lady Bold fuses Fashion, Dance, Music and Art, to create sexy, high
energy, and breath taking performances.

Lady Bold is starting off with a featured workshop “Fire on the Dance floor”


Every female dancer has a bold attitude and personality that is waiting to ignite given the right environment.

This workshop is for female dancers and those who want to explore a sexier, classier way to hit the dance floor with confidence and edge.

Using the fundamentals of what Lady Bold is about, you will be treated to a spicey and firey dance workshop before halloween, and its all done, with style and creativity.

Tap into your creative energy and ignite the fire that’s within, let your audience and surroundings feel your there is nothing wrong with playing another character, just for the fun of it, its Halloween, why not.

Escape from the regular, tap into another side.

*Workshop overview*

Learn an innovative and sexy dance routine with an urban edge and flare

Explore your creative energy which goes beyond sex appeal

Learn how to command your pressence while dancing
Bring your heels or feel free to dance barefoot
Bring an eye mask..(If you don’t have one that’s fine, there will be extra ones to borrow just for the workshop)
A basic dance experience is needed. However if you have no dance background that is fine, come willing to learn and try new things.

Date: Friday October 29th 2010
Time: 7pm-9pm
Cost: $20
Location: Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West