What is Lady Bold about?

11 Oct

Lady Bold

An all Ladies Dance and Performance Collective

“Creatively Sexy, Intelligent and Classy, yet Daring, Entertaining and Artistically Intriguing”

 I’m so excited about this new beginning.
Dance and Life has given me so much and throughout this time I’ve learned so much.
I’ve always had this idea to create an all female dance and performance collective that embraced everything I’ve come to learn about myself and the amazing women and dancers I meet everyday.
As a dancer I’ve come to learn and embrace the many sides of my personality.  The side that loves costumes, dressing up and being daring (Fashion) The side that embraces what my body is able to do when it hears rhythms and beats, the way our body moves sensually and energetically (Dance) the side that loves rhythms and beats from all over the world (Music) The side that loves to express myself and be creative (Art) with all these sides, I strongly believe that life is a blank canvass and ready for us to be Bold and paint all over it.
As dancers, I want us to embrace all of this. Embrace the creative side, the sexy side, the daring side, the fashionista in us, and the rhythm in us. We are able to do this and not hold back, not be ashamed, not shy away from any of it.
That’s why I created Lady Bold. Lady bold fuses Fashion, Dance, Music and Art to create performances that are sexy, daring, entertaining and breath-taking. All while staying true to artistic freedom; every thing is done with the most style, creativity and sophistication.
As a dancer it feels good to get up, put on my heels and dance sexy, it also feels good to put on my running shoes and dance as hard as I want, dancing barefoot doesn’t hurt. It feels amazing to get connected on that level, and saying oh ya, I like this bathing suit I want to wear it, or I like this costume even if you don’t.
No we don’t have to say “Oh but I only dance to hardcore Hip-Hop because dancing Sexy is not as respected”…that’s old news.

Dance, how you want, dress how you want. And own every bit of it.
This is what Lady Bold stands for. Creatively Sexy, Intelligent and Classy, yet Daring, Entertaining and Artistically Intriguing

I’m asking all ladies to embrace all that is creative about them get on the dance floor and ignite the fire within. It’s more than just one thing. Its embracing all that we are, owning it, and letting the world feel the fire that’s with us.

I’m inviting all female Dancers and those who are looking for a sexier and edgier way to hit the dance floor. This workshop is one not to be missed. It’s the start of something, which means and stands for everything that is truly BOLD


Lady Bold

“Fire on the Dance Floor”
October 29th 2010


Elevation Dancentre

979 Bloor Street West


One Response to “What is Lady Bold about?”

  1. FrostFlow October 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    YO what up homegirl,

    shout out to you and your serious skills

    much respect


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