Time to re-charge

3 Nov

If you leave the light on and never turn it off, its going to burn out.

So we must turn the light off to conserve energy, and also to make sure we have light when its dark.

This applies to individuals. We can’t always expect to be the brightest light in the sky, we cannot expect to be on our A-game all the time, we need time to re-charge.

There is off season for professional athletes, this is when they rest up then train to get back to the game.


 Take the time to re-charge your mind body and soul.Take the time to be away from it all and come back ready to ignite.Trust that your talent is timeless.

You don’t have to be a dancer to do this

Burn out is not fun, I for one know this. I’ve been through what it feels like to be burned out, to the point that I had to step away. And it was the best choice ever, and a great learning experience, one that will guide all my future decisions.

The feeling of coming back to do what you love, with a clear mind and relaxed body is great.

Be well.

Kay-Ann Ward


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