So much love for my students and participants

6 Nov

I talk about the students and participants that attend my classes all the time, and I do this because I think they are all amazing and so inspiring.

They inspire me and make me laugh. Every time I teach I feel like I’ve experienced something new with them.

From the young dancers that attend class, to the adults that attend, they are all truly amazing.

Last week I taught the 1st Lady Bold Dance workshop, I was amazed at the turn out. I had young women and older women on the floor ready to groove. The youngest being in her early twenties, and the oldest being over 60, if that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what it is.

All these ladies got down, it was great to see a 60-year-old dance to Ushers “OMG”..and the best part was she knew the words to the song..Damn thats amazing I love it..

Today I taught a beginner/fundamental Dancehall Reggae class, I had a new participant come out to dance, and her passion and drive was amazing. She was focused and so dedicated to learning the dance routine. Another amazing experience.

I have so much love and respect for my students and participants. I thank them all, because they are great, they prove to the world that dance is for everyone, there is no age limit, because these ladies from 16 to 60+ rock the dance floor.

You could be a professional dancer improving your skills, a beginner wanting to get better or an adult looking to groove and enjoy dance for what it is…Whatever your reason keep dancing, I’m glad I get to share the experience of movement with you all.

Dance Live Inspire

Kay-Ann Ward


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